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Choosing a nursery for your little ones can be a very overwhelming experience, which curriculum to choose? Which languages should they learn? The list of questions is endless. We have found this to be a common experience for many of our families when they first start their research and found that listening to the parents' expectations and having an open discussion is what sets the tone and makes sure that parents feel confident and trust leaving their little one with us.  

Registering your child at a nursery is different than choosing a nursery, we know that because we are parents ourselves- that's why you’ll first be greeted by a Family Enrolment manager, once you contact us via our various channels- reach out to us on 800 NURSERY, our social channels, or our website who will assist and answer all your questions to start with. After that she will ensure you get the full nursery experience, which means, essential steps such as choosing the right location for you in your area, touring us by visiting the nursery (we even have virtual tours), and meeting your nursery team of experts. 

At this stage, you will have a feeling of what you want to do next! Our Family Enrolment Managers are experts in their communities so they’ll be able to find the right fit for you and your little ones. 

By registering, you are guaranteeing that your child has a seat in your nursery of choice. We are lucky to say that most of our nurseries have a waiting list, and registering your child in advance ensures that he/she will start with us as per your request (we are open all year round and you can start at any time of the year). 

Parents who choose to register their little ones in one of our nurseries will receive an email with a list of requirements and documents to be provided as part of the process. Blossom Nurseries are licensed to request identification for parents and children, as well as payment of registration and medical fees before joining. Once your application is complete, the preparation can start; readying your child to join their new second home!

Why register your child at Blossom Nursery?

Joining a Blossom Nursery opens up a world of endless discovery for your child! Every day, your child will learn something new about science, literature, music, or about themself and their senses, all at their own pace. Unlike a traditional kindergarten or preschool, Blossom welcomes children under 1 year old, adapting the developmental programs for each age. At each stage of their growth, your child will accomplish new achievements that will serve them throughout their life.

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