Your Child's Second Home

Our Nurseries Are Built To Enhance Your Little One's Natural Curiosity And Unlock Their Talents

Cozy And Warm, Just Like Home

Because a child needs to feel comfortable in their environment to learn and play freely, we create a welcoming and caring homey environment full of natural elements, soft colors, wooden structures and lots of natural light.

Nature At Its Heart

Simple and authentic experiences are key for our little ones to grow while being responsible and respectful of the environment. We aim for all our outdoor spaces to reflect nature with natural textures and resources.

Stimulating And Age Appropriate Environment

Our nurseries are purpose built with children’s physical, social, academic, and emotional well-being at the heart. Our baby suites recreate a perfect home nursery environment  with sleeping and breastfeeding areas, soft mats, suitable simulations, cushions, and curtains while our Toddlers and FS1/2 classrooms offer a natural environment where children can focus on activities such as role play, literature, numeracy, quiet reading time and arts and crafts. Each outdoor space features clear areas of learnings with mud kitchens, gardening zones, motricity structures, water experiences, picnic tables and a key focus around nature.

Areas Of Learnings

At Blossom nurseries we follow the Modern British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum where we focus on the physical, emotional, and mental development of your child through different activities provided throughout the day.

Each activity focus on one or more of the 7 areas of development that we follow, and those areas are focused on the development of your child’s: communication skills, physical development, personal/ social/ emotional development, understanding the world, mathematics concepts, language development, and of course the fun world of role play.

Take A Peek Into Our Nursery

Water Splash Area

A fun way to release energy and cool down that also offers multiple learning opportunities.

Soil Pit

Sensory and motor skills stimulation, plus a connection with nature and our earth.

Picnic Tables

An area where our children can interact and socialize with each other in a relaxed fun setting, helping them to develop, explore, and grow their social and emotional skills.

Sensory Pathways

These allow our children to embark on a great sensory adventure with our sensory mats packed with a multitude of textures and experiences that allow them to experience different sensations.

Indoor Gym

Designed to maximize your littles one's physical development, during  all seasons in the UAE.


Built with purpose and insight, our classrooms are designed for optimal child learning and development. Natural light enters each classroom, with purpose built furniture and tools to stimulate learning activities and various types of interaction.

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