Why You Should Put Your Baby In Nursery

You would assume that a baby eats, sleeps, poops and wants love, so why a nursery? Well aside from the fact that it's a safe and purpose built environment for infants, neuroscience tells us that your infant is born with all the neurotransmitters they'll ever have, and they'll experience the fastest rate of brain development from infancy until they reach three years of age. Meaning the more stimulation your baby has, the better it is for their brain.

Baby Development

Our baby suites are purpose built, aimed to stimulate and engage your baby's sensory, emotional and motor development. Each baby suite is supervised by a nurse ensuring your baby's safety.

Sensory Development

We believe that babies are natural scientists - investigating, exploring and experimenting with the materials found in their environment by touching, holding and putting things in their mouth. At Blossom Nursery, we make sure we provide the older babies with all natural & safe materials for them to explore freely.

Emotional Development

Young babies at Blossom Early Learning Centers are learning to bond and develop trust with their main carers by providing them face to face contact and being talked to - this helps them feel wanted and important and strengthens the bond with their main carers and others.

Motor Development

We provide our babies an uncluttered floor space to create an encouraging environment for them to play, roll, crawl and move actively. We encourage our babies to reach , grasp and hold by providing stacking toys, nesting cups, textured balls and squeeze toys.

Integration Plan

Object permanence describes a child's ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard, In the sensorimotor stage of development, a period that lasts from birth to about the age of two, Piaget suggested that children understand the world through their motor abilities such as touch, vision, taste, and movement. This skill is usually developed around 8 months, linking this to separation anxiety - which is a milestone that all children go through, it is important that they know and trust that you (as their parent) will come back regardless of your absence. At Blossom we tend to this by putting in place an integration plan which is explained and set to you by your teacher. Each child reacts differently, some children are not as reactive as others. But at Blossom we ensure that your infant's needs are catered to, and by introducing them to this concept early on you are providing them with tools for a healthier attachment bond moving forward. 

Integration can be generally broken down to three areas:

1. Transition in.
Introducing the child to nursery and classroom environment- what can you do to help this process? speak to your child about the nursery so they are mentally prepared closer to the start date.

2. Sustaining.
This is the hardest stage where we need your support as your child might resist or not want to come to the nursery due to the discomfort of separation anxiety.

3.Transition out.
This phase is all about preparing your child to leave the nursery environment which he/she is familiar with and prepare him/her for big school, this ensures a smooth transition and familiarizes your child with transitioning from one environment to another, forming the foundation of a coping mechanism which they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Early Years Child-Care Experts & Nurses

Our educators are all well versed in the age groups they teach, for early years and specifically infancy our team is comprised from the best in the field, experience ranges in the following: mid-wife experience, nurses, and educators. We ensure that the right team is in the right place for your child's age and developmental needs. Our Nurses are on site and supervise the baby suites to ensure your child's safety.


Our Littlelives Apps

Stay updated on your child's progress and wellbeing.
  • Transparent Communication The LittleLives app lets you stay up-to-date on your child's progress and wellbeing by having instant access to your child's profile.
  • Be Part Of Your Child's Learning Journey See what your child is learning and how they're developing in our nursery.
  • Daily Updates Receive daily updates from your child's teachers to know how their day was, what activities they participated in, their feeding & sleeping patterns, and more.
  • Parents Can Interact With Us Too Use the LittleLives app to communicate and engage with our educators and the wider nursery staff.

Baby Suite

Breast Feeding Lounge

Keeping in mind our superstar mums, ensuring that they can come in and breastfeed their little ones

Purpose Built Cots

Sleep is an important factor of your baby's development, we ensure the sleeping environment is right for your baby

Soft Play Mats

Allowing your infant to explore in a safe environment

Changing Rooms

Your baby's hygiene is a priority for us, our changing rooms provide the right tools to assist our educators in this process

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