Our Modern EYFS

Taking its foundations from the British curriculum, our modern EYFS, Early Years Foundation Stage, framework is also inspired by the latest neuroscience studies and blended with best practices from other key educational philosophies, such as Reggio Emilia and Montessori. At our Blossom nurseries we create opportunities for play, learning  and exploration, to support each child’s growth and development and reveal their interests, talents and personalities.

Enrichment Program

At Blossom nursery, we offer an enrichment program through partnerships with extra-curricular companies that provide children with extra-curricular activities during the afternoons. These activities include, but are not limited to, soccer, gymnastics, dance, languages (French, Arabic, Spanish), yoga, ballet, and much more.


Our enrichment programs run throughout the week and are scheduled to take place from 2:15pm until 5:00pm with qualified coaches and experts. All children receive a certificate at the end of the academic year to mark their achievements.

Extra Weeks And Camps

Our Blossom nurseries are open all year round as we appreciate that many of our parents work and need year round options for their child.  Outside of our publicized term dates we run holiday camps during the summer period and  half term, spring and winter breaks.

Our holiday camps all have a dedicated theme and children still follow educational, fun activities based on the theme for each particular camp. Camp attendance is available to all our families, being optional for families on our Academic plan and included for families on our Full Year Plan.

Inspire Me Brand

Inspire Me Cuisine

Founded in 2019, Inspire Me Cuisine is part of the Babilou Family group

Founded in 2019, Our mission is to ensure every child has access to healthy meals and for parents to have the peace of mind of not worrying about lunch boxes. 

Cooked daily in our central kitchen using fresh produce, and delivered hot to the nurseries, children are given the opportunity to explore different cuisines, textures and tastes though our balanced two-week rotating menu

We believe that the first 5 years of a child’s life are very important in developing their taste buds, healthy eating habits and a positive attitude towards food in general. 

Our food program not only offers the child a freshly cooked meal every day, but also encourage them to explore different food textures, different cuisines, engage in family style meals and learn food etiquettes. 
Inspire Me Cuisine does not just provide food for children, we inspire our little ones and our families to have a different outlook when it comes to putting together meals for babies and toddlers. Combining our experience and understanding of children’s nutritional needs, and their behaviours surrounding food, delivering healthy, nutritious meals within a school, nursery or home environment is our passion.

Inspire Me Playground

Embracing Your Child’s Natural Curiosity

The Inspire Me Playground respects  the nature of a child and gives them the freedom to express themselves along with the opportunity to learn through experience and exploration.  The Inspire Me Playground is a comprehensive, multi-sensory learning experience that takes a child back to the essentials of exploration through their five senses. We encourage children to explore various movements including crawling, hanging, pulling, stepping, squatting, balancing and hopping. We create  qualitative workshops, based on real-life experiences and authenticity, that stimulate children to develop and grow as individuals.

Examples of workshops include:
• Planting and growing  plants, vegetables and fruit in our garden
• Preparing and cooking healthy food
• Creating art with natural elements and understanding how this helps a child to develop their individual personality
• Creating memories through smells
• Creating learning and sharing moments for parents, to recreate at home and coach their nannies

Inspire Me Playground is there to enhance important moments in a child’s life, creating memories through authentic experiences. Our new Inspire Me Playground will allow each child to use their imagination and create their own world and experiences. They are free to play, imagine, be creative, think, test, try, fail, succeed, interact and socialize.

Our vision is to provide a place for children to enjoy creative, exploratory,  imaginative free play experiences  whilst parents can socialize, work, and enjoy healthy food options provided by our Inspire Me Cuisine.

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