Why We're Suitable For Working Parents

We understand the demanding lives of working parents here in the UAE and we accommodate to this by offering a number of solutions, including:
• Flexible schedules
• Open all year long
• Operate until late hours
• We're near your home and office
• We accomodate children starting from 8 weeks old up to 5 years old

Our Offering

We know that as working families we don't always get the same time off as our little ones - this is why we offer the All Year plan which covers 50 weeks of the year and allows you to also save on tuition fees.

We also know that some families do have that time off so we also offer the Academic Year plan which covers 38 weeks of the academic year allowing families to be off during the critical breaks in the school year. This can be helpful if you have older siblings and would like both your kids to be off at the same time.

Age Groups

0-1 Years

We offer Baby Suites that accommodate infants as young as 8 weeks old, to make your back to work transition easier.

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1-3 Years

Custom made facilities, activities and the expert educators to help toddlers on their developmental journey focusing on areas such as motor skills, emotional & social development, and physical development which at this age is a critical milestone.

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3-5 Years

Preparing your little one for big school, with a focus on the EYFS curriculum stimulating academic development, approved by the KHDA. We also have affiliations with the leading schools in the UAE, which facilitates the transition from nursery to big school.

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Be A Part Of Your Child’s Progress

Daily Communication With Teachers

We believe we are a team so once your child is with us at the nursery it's like tag teaming, we ask you for all the information we need to know about your little one (e.g. did he/she eat, did he/she sleep well, etc), and then we communicate to you the same so you are involved in your child's day at all times!

Our Littlelives App

While at work, we will give you peace of mind with our LittleLives app. We use this as a tool to let you experience, through your child's eyes, their day at the nursery; you can even communicate with us while you're at work. Providing you re-assurance that your child is happy and enjoying their time.

Parents Groups

Become part of a community, by being a blossom parent you can get involved with other parents, meet people alike, and really get that feeling you miss from back home. We extend our community outside of nursery hours, a lot of our families do play dates, and even mommy coffee mornings!

Convenient Nursery Locations

Our Corporate Partners With International Presence

Our Corporate Partners With International Presence

International Presence

Today the Babilou group consists of more than 1,000 nurseries across Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia. Welcoming more than 50,000 children daily in over 12 countries.

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