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Blossom by Babilou Education is a leading British Curriculum Nursery, ranked amongst the best kids nurseries in Dubai. Blossom by Babilou Education is an Award Winning, all inclusive ECO Nursery accepting children aged 4 months to 6 years.

We follow the EYFS British Curriculum in conjunction with our very own sensory approach to learning, Skygarden.

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Book a tour for any one of our 11 branches in UAE. We are located at the Academic City, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Design District, Mudon, Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Al Manara , near to Burj Al Arab, and in Zayed City, Abu Dhabi

Open weekdays 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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What happens inside a Blossom classroom? Watch the video to see our British nursery curriculum in action & to hear real-life stories about the magic it creates.


We love hearing back from our parents. Discover what they think of our nurseries in Dubai and why they say: "The proof is in our children!"

The Blossom team has done a phenomenal job at developing an E-Learning Program that keeps my active child stimulated and that can be incorporated into my daily routine. Myles has thoroughly enjoyed exploring new ideas, making various crafts and interacting with his teacher and classmates during 1 on 1 sessions. The program has also been a life saver for me to provide structure for the day and a sense of accomplishment for us both.

- Jennifer

We could not be more grateful to the Blossom Al Manara nursery to come up with the Inspire Me program. Both my husband and I are working from home and with 2 children at home, I don’t even know how things could have been sustainable at home during confinement.
We feel blessed to have the opportunity to welcome Lesli in our home, a true gem who manages to create activities for our son with anything she can find in our house. This private tutoring has been incredibly beneficial to our son, beyond anything we could have imagined: in only 1 week, we were able to see the tremendous progress in his ability to express his feelings, in his vocabulary, in his ability to play on his own, and above all, in his self confidence.
Despite the dramatic context which is affecting us, we manage to find an upside to this lockdown with the amazing teaching our son received.

- Albertine & Florian

My Daughter had never attended nursery before and the staff did an amazing job with making her feel safe and secure. I can clearly see all the progress my daughter is making with her independence and overall development. What a lovely nursery team.

- Helen

Noah started going to the nursery when he turned 2 and he was very reluctant socially. Didn’t enjoy attention from people and cried when left at nursery. Eventually, Noah came to enjoy his time at the nursery and there were no more tears at drop off!

Blossom Academic City is a very warm, friendly, welcoming environment. All the staff know Noah by name and everyone is always smiling and ready to greet you. The Teachers and Assistants have supported Noah’s development of critical cognitive and learning skills through so many forms of play.

All in all, Blossom Academic City has been awesome for Noah’s development on all levels - socially and academically. We would not hesitate to recommend the nursery to anyone looking for a lovely learning environment for their child.

- Donna

We have noticed big improvements in Zayn’s social skills, confidence and we love how Zayn gets excited through sensory development activities such as using the light table which helps him understand different textures and shapes.
Zayn is our second child in Blossom Downtown and we couldn’t be happier.

- Nureen

Great nursery! My son loves it!! Professional, caring, friendly and sweet staff. The kids have so many activities every day. Environment full of stimulation and creativity for the little ones! Highly recommended!

- Rama

Blossom Al Manara is all you could ever wish for in a nursery and more! My son absolutely loves it, and so do we. I first happened to visit the nursery when my son was just a couple of months old and I was instantly blown away by this wonderfully peaceful, happy, fun, caring place.
I can't thank his teachers Ellen, Grace and nurse Jess, and Deborah and all the staff enough for the wonderful care you’re taking of our son, for creating such a positive, safe, healthy & happy learning environment and for giving us peace of mind knowing that he's in the best place he could be. Thank you :)

- Catharine

I've now been sending my kids to Blossom for 3 years and I couldn't be happier, my kids are happy and so very well taken care of. My son loves his class, his teachers, and loves the nursery. My daughter who is now in FS2 still talks about her teachers and the amazing staff at this nursery! Thank you so much for everything you have done to take such good care of my children. 

- Sara

Everything is unbelievably perfect, from teachers to assistants to classrooms & curriculum! what a positive place for your child to develop in.

- Marwa & Yousef

Amazing nursery with an amazing team that takes care of my baby in every single aspect! As a working mother I was very nervous just by thinking of leaving my daughter with complete strangers. Little did I know that the staff at Blossom Marina had become my daughter’s second family from day 1. They are not only taking care of my baby’s needs but also developing her in a way I wouldn’t have done it myself if I was spending all my days with her. The management listens to all our suggestions no matter how small and truly cares of the health, safety and development of each and every kid. So lucky to have Blossom in the Marina!

- Joumana

The center director Maya is always smiling, always reachable & energetic. I'd like to thank you specifically for organizing everything to take kids to Mall of Emirates to see the penguins, I realized significantly that none of the nurseries are doing activities like this.
Honestly I was a little bit worried about putting him in a bus, I wanted to drive him to the mall but you let us know when you arrived to the Mall, when you gave kids meal, when you came back to the nursery etc via Kidizz application. That was a relief and I really felt like I am with him.
Sum up I fee so lucky to be a part of this family. Thank you so much for everything you have done, are doing and will do..

- Sevgi

I’m mother of Toddler Murad and new born baby Lara. I was still comparing nurseries, but after our tour with Deborah, my decision was done immediately; I felt very safe for Murad. We toured with my 3 months old daughter also, Deborah has warmly offered a help with my little one as we attended the class with Murad, but something impossible happened- Lara has fallen asleep with no drop of tears (Normally she doesn’t let unknown people even look at her). Today, I am very impressed seeing my son’s progression. The teachers and nurses are fabulous, all are educated, and most importantly, they care of kids with love. In conclusion, I am extremely happy with my choice. Thank you Blossom Al Manara team!

- Veronika

We absolutely love Blossom Downtown. Our baby has been there since 6.5 months old and our experience so far has been nothing but positive. It is a kind and caring nursery, full of wonderful activities and I am so happy we chose it as the place our daughter spends much of her week. It’s hard being a working parent but it’s made so much easier knowing our daughter is being cared for and is learning so much in such a wonderful environment. Thank you Blossom!

- Aly

Blossom Nursery has not only helped shape and improve Mounia’s developmental skills but it has also lovingly created a family community for her to grow at Blossom.

- Rachelle

My daughter has been going to Blossom Palm Jumeirah since she was 7 months old. A year later and she still loves it. Never wants to go home! The staff are lovely, as are the facilities. Highly recommend!

- Emi

My son, Sean, has just had the most amazing year with Ms Anna at Blossom Mudon. My wife and I are so happy we chose Blossom as he has flourished in the caring, nurturing environment that they create. We have been most impressed with the community feel to the nursery when we arrive each morning and every staff member seems to know my son’s name. Both his social and linguistic skills have come on leaps and bounds since he joined Blossom and they have more than prepared him for his foray into ‘Big’ school this September. The daily updates that we received via the Blossom App was another great feature of the nursery and really reassured us that he was getting the best of care. Blossom have given my son the best possible start to his education and for that, I will be forever grateful.

- Robert

I spent a great deal researching and doing "background checks" on many nurseries before enrolling my daughter. When Sarah was 9 months old, I decided to enroll her at Blossom Nursery Business Bay from 8am - 5pm. Sarah is 2 years and 10 months now and she's still in Blossom. This nursery has taught Sarah over 200 words, comprising of three different languages. Blossom has also improved her social, cognitive & motor skills. Every time I pick her up she's laughing and always super excited; even at 5pm.  For any mother, you just want to come to a nursery and find your child happy; and that's what Blossom has done for me.

- Razan

Blossom Palm Jumeirah has been a great choice for us. Raising children away from your home country and without a wider family support system, Blossom has been a “Partner” to us when it comes to so many aspects of making sure our little girl is happy, secure & developing as she needs to. From their ability to be fixable for working parents, year-round opening, timely communication on all matters, health food provided, and of course friendly, ward & loving staff who gave above their work, Blossom is operationally very “Slick” plus this filter down across the nursery, so everything is geared up for happy children and supported parents.

- Rebecca Jackson

We initially chose Blossom D3 for the location as it was close to my place of work. After looking around, we loved the facilities and now we love everything! Silver’s teachers are the best.

- India Mcrley

We wanted to thank the whole team, especially the amazing teacher of “Experiencers” for making out little Basil feel like home. We directly felt welcomed from Day 1, their patience and knowledge made us feel very comfortable. In a small amount of time, we saw improvement of Basil, he became a little boy in just few weeks! Thank you again for your dedication and effort. It is pure joy to bring our son every single day!

- Zaid & Justine

I couldn’t be happier with Blossom D3 nursery for our 1-year old twins. The activities they are engaged in allow them to learn and grow every day. The quality of the care is excellent, and I feel confident leaving my children in competent caring hands.

- Alex & Cole parents

My 2,5 years old son has been in the nursery since September 2018. He settled down within couple of days as the teacher and her assistants were very supportive, welcomed and made my son felt comfortable in the Poppies class. We love the environment and activities provided by the nursery as a part of the programme (French, drumming class, music & dance and much more). There is a spacious covered area for outdoor play and an outdoor swimming pool. A very important advantage from my point of view is the hot food prepared in the premises of the nursery. My son is a picky eater so the fact that he is eating, for example, potato curry or Thai fish, is highly appreciated. The management and administration teams are always very supportive and friendly. Thus I will highly recommend the Blossom Burj nursery as a head start in life for children. Regards

- Elena Leclere

Our eldest son has been attending Blossom Burj for two years now, and couldn’t be happier. We love that the staff does much more than what is expected. The detailed updates we receive every day makes it evident that they pay close attention our son. We enjoy the collaborative approach the teachers and management take to ensuring that our son has the best experience. Each morning my son is greeted by name as soon as he walks through the gates, by all staff members that are around. It’s lovely that they all know his name, it creates a sense of family and makes my son feel secure and welcome. I can see that my son feels safe, happy and excited when arriving at Blossom Burj, this makes me especially grateful to the entire team.

- Christelle Kruger

We are so happy with Blossom Burj nursery. The teachers are incredibly caring and fun and it’s a lovely environment for children. From the moment we walk into reception each morning and are greeted by friendly faces, my son is welcomed and made to feel at home... all staff members know his name, from the reception staff, cleaning team and teachers of the other classes. The varied activities that the children participate in are excellent, and we particularly love the emphasis on music at the nursery. The meals are provided, which is both a convenience for parents, and a great way for the children to learn about a variety of wholesome foods alongside their peers. Thank you Blossom Burj!

- Rachel Garrett

Babilou Umm Suqeim has been a place where I saw my daughter grow in many ways that pleasantly surprised me. I was reluctant at first to enroll her into nursery at a very early age, but after she started with Babilou, I am happy to see how she has developed into an independent, confident little toddler who has a lot to say, her speech, her interaction with people, her understanding of things around her developed so quick and I know it is because of the excellent work of the teachers. Both the staff and teachers are always so friendly and helpful, the activities, the learning is amazing! I can tell how great the nursery is when I see my toddler happy every day at pick up time. I would highly recommend Babilou to any parent. Every staff at Babilou always has a smile and it makes a parent and toddler feel very welcome. Can’t recommend them enough.

- Fathima

It took Ahmed less than a week to get used to his new environment at the nursery which I was really surprised with specially that he was the only child at home and he had very hard time to accept someone new to his life. But his teachers were able to make him feel comfortable. Thank you Babilou for all the attention and improvement.

- Shaima

Blossoms have such a friendly and welcoming team, with long serving staff members which is testament to what is such a happy, calm and fun experience for my boys. The convenience of the food programme is also very helpful- and my sons actually eat better at nursery than at home!


Blossom Village is an excellent nursery with extremely caring and professional staff. Every aspect of the premises has been well thought out, from the shaded and colourful gardens to the fun water play area. Their on-site freshly cooked delicious meals mean that we do not need to prepare any meals at home! We have been using Blossom Village for over 9 years and we highly recommend the nursery and each and every team member. For both our children it has been a secure, caring and fun environment where they have been well prepared for the transition to primary school.

- Julie Astbury

Who’s going to love her like I do? Is anyone going to care about her nap time? Changing her nappy? These are just few questions I had in my mind before finding the best out there, Blossom Downtown, you have been a blessing from above I wouldn’t choose anything but you to be the second home to my baby girl! When your daughter doesn’t want to leave and cries for her teachers you know she’s in the right place and having the time of her life! Honest and care is what Babilou is all about and super happy and grateful to have you all in my and my little girls life! Thank you for all the love you share!

- Elissa

After joining Blossom ELC in September 2018 we couldn’t be happier. The Blossom Team have created a caring and safe environment for our daughter and she absolutely love going to Nursery, she even asks to go on the weekend! The facilities are amazing, and we are so happy that we chose Blossom for her.Regards

- Michelle Betts

I would like to give a short feedback about blossom academic city and that’s due to our 2 years’ experience with them. My son Leo loves the nursery, the teachers and the assistants, the environment is very comfortable for kids.The staff are very friendly, teachers care about every child in class. Reception desk is more than helpful I would like to thank everyone of them especially the centre manager and deputy manager for always being helpful and available to assist anyone.Thank you

- Ghinwa Abou Chacra

Grace and I are leaving Dubai and moving back to London to start “big school” this year and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to have Grace at Blossom. A very big thanks to Grace’s teacher, Evelien; girl, you are a truly amazing person, friend and shining light to Grace and I and we will miss you a great deal. To the entire Blossom Marina team, be sure to continue exactly as you are: your dedication and love for all of the kids in your care enables us as parents to raise and nurture caring and beautiful children who will do nothing but thrive and succeed in life. Love to you all.

- Grace’s mother, Sarah

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