Our Approach

Blossom Nursery belongs to Babilou Family, with over 1,000 nurseries internationally we find that many companies are struggling with family solutions. That's why we aim to partner with companies to assist their employees with child care. This clearly has a direct impact on the performance of humans. Once you have peace of mind you are more capable to focus on your work. Extending beyond the B2C market we want to support companies provide their employees suitable family solutions.

Who We Are

Close To You

We are the leading early years education group in the UAE since 2009 with 23 locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain; making sure that we are always close to you, be it your home or your office. We care for over 1,900 children daily!

Family Solutions

We provide flexible solutions to suit families with varying demands. Our early drop-offs and late pick-ups allow your team to be at work on time and not have to rush out to pick up the kids!

Happier Employees

Studies show that employees' performance increases by 37% if they have peace of mind regarding their children's well-being. By partnering with a nursery group you are allowing your employees to have access to a network of nurseries which provide the best child care in the  UAE directly impacting the work culture.

Convenient Nursery Locations


This is Why We Do.
What We Do.

"Deciding to send Alex back to the nursery during these times was not an easy one. But it only took a few days to put all my fears to rest. Seeing how happy and excited Alex is to go to the nursery every day and the measures the staff takes to protect, nurture and develop the children is spectacular. I’m lucky to have found Blossom and happy to call it my son’s second home."

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Why Partner With Us

Blossom Nursery belongs to Babilou Family. The first Early Years Education group in Europe and the 3rd largest group across the world. We are home to the leading educators with over 40,000 employees world wide and welcoming 20,000 children on a daily basis. 

The success of Babilou is a testament to our team who are constantly working hard and being innovative. The results show in our parents who love sending our kids to our nursery and the kids themselves who can not wait to come back day after day.