Benefits Of Staying In A Nursery

We know that by the age of 6 years 95% of the child's brain is developed, which means what your child experiences throughout these years is critical to their life journey. We take that very seriously, our nurseries are purpose built down to every detail. Our staff, whom your children will be interacting with, are carefully interviewed and hired to make sure your child is exposed to an ideal environment. The nursery provides stimulation, social engagement, emotional development, and cognitive growth.

Choosing a nursery is hard work, that's why you can reach out to us to answer any questions you have and help you understand if we are the right choice for you.

Child-Led Learning

Senior Educators

Our International Staff Have Decades Of Experience In Early Years Education, With Qualifications Such As Cache Level 2, 3, 4, And 5

At Blossom nurseries we value diversity and aim to provide our families with educators from many different backgrounds and cultures and who speak a variety of languages. We also aim to reflect the nationalities and dynamics of our individual nurseries. All our educators have a rich knowledge of modern education and a wide exposure to various early years approaches and curriculums.

All our staff are fully qualified, with Bachelor or Masters level degrees in Early Childhood education, or a related subject, or a CACHE early years education qualification. Many staff have additional qualifications in other education related areas such as Special Educational Needs, Inclusion, music, dance, and many other subjects that allow us to enhance our children’s early years’ experiences.  

All of our educators also have relevant experience in both their home country and the UAE.

Our Littlelives App

Stay updated on your child's progress and wellbeing.
  • Transparent Communication The LittleLives app lets you stay up-to-date on your child's progress and wellbeing by having instant access to your child's profile.
  • Be Part Of Your Child's Learning Journey See what your child is learning and how they're developing in our nursery.
  • Daily Updates Receive daily updates from your child's teachers to know how their day was, what activities they participated in, their feeding & sleeping patterns, and more.
  • Parents Can Interact With Us Too Use the LittleLives app to communicate and engage with our educators and the wider nursery staff.

School Transitioining

At Blossom Early Learning Centers, our highly qualified and experienced Senior Educators help make the transition from nursery to school as natural as possible. By following the British Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS), integrated with the best practices from other educational philosophies, such as the Reggio Emilia approach. We encourage the social, cognitive, physical, emotional development of each child.

We prepare the FS1 and FS2 children for their first year in school (Academically & Personally) to be aligned with the KHDA requirements. At this key stage, we assist them to build strong foundations for their future academic experiences and nurture their curiosity.

FS2 classes are available only in specific locations in Dubai.

Educational Offering

Our modern Blossom Curriculum is child-centered and allows our educational program to draw on the most researched pedagogical approaches, tailored to the individual child’s needs. At Blossom we are continually developing our pedagogical approach in response to the realities of the modern-day world. We comply with KHDA guidelines to provide the best practice within the Early Learning Centres. That is why our FS1 and FS2 children are competent to take the next steps in formal education.

Our modern approach to the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS), creates opportunities for teachers to foster open-ended and child-led activities, which harness the child’s intrinsic curiosities.

Furthermore, we believe children are inherently connected to nature and at Blossom it is our pedagogical imperative to nurture this connection. At Blossom Early Learning Centers we believe the curriculum reflects the children, families, and wider community within which we are located.

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