Who We Are

Experts In Early Years Education With A Child Specific, Holistic Offering For Children From 8 Weeks To 5 Years Of Age

A seed was planted in 2009 from which something magical grew, and which has now become a beautiful tree with strong roots and many green leaves and flowers. Like the flowers in our logo, our children’s brains Blossom academically, physically and emotionally, and our ethos embraces their bodies,  their minds and their understanding of our planet.

The Blossom Nursery Group was born with the mission of supporting Early Years Education in the UAE. We truly believe that  every child deserves to get the best start to their journey in life, which will drive their future life as adults and maximize their potential. Research highlights that 90% of a child’s adult intelligence is formed before the age of five, and we aim to expand this development by offering educational activities and experiences that promote optimal brain development.

We are an extension of your family. 
In the UAE, children are raised amongst their families, with the love of their parents and sometimes grandparents, but also often supported by a nanny who will provide the first care for a little one. They spend time interacting with friends in the playground enjoying  free play and self-discovery, which is crucial for their development. In our nurseries, guided by our experts, we aim to build on this by supporting them, through suitable age-appropriate stimulations and activities, to allow them to connect socially and emotionally with other children in a controlled environment. 

We are evolving along with families, as their needs change in line with the world around us.
The emerging trend of working mothers has changed the landscape of the childcare market. As a result, families need a safe, reliable structure which will provide high-quality care for their children whilst maximising their development during the crucial early years period.

Finally, we understand that Early Years Education is not a trend, but is a reality, and that through a quality education our children will become the drivers of our future world who will make positive impacts on our planet and its people. 

We are pioneers and our mission perfectly meets the aims and ambitions of the region.
Considering the evolving market, and the strong ambition of the UAE to become a world leading nation, we created a pioneer brand 10 years ago that  focuses on the child first, but will also evolve People, Planet and Prosperity. 

Thanks to all our families, and our talented team, we have become one of the leading providers of Early Years Education in the UAE. Working together with each family, we ensure that each child’s nursery experience is a nurturing foundation of learning and educational opportunities that offers a bright start and promising future. We aim to be your child’s second Home.

Our Story

Blossom Nursery Group is a part of the beautiful journey of the Babilou Family…


Founded in France in 2003, the Babilou Family is a world leader in preschool and early childhood education. They are the leader of their activity in the European Union and are now established in 12 countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, South America, The United States, the UAE and Singapore. With more than 3000 Babilou Family nurseries, children's clubs and schools, and 12,000 committed professionals, the group welcomes almost 60,000 families to its organizations each year and is committed to offering their children the highest level of education through their unique global expertise.


In 2015, the Babilou Family started its journey in Dubai with just 4 Babilou nurseries. In 2017, the Blossom Nursery Group, a Dubai leader in Early Years Education and one of the first eco-nurseries, joined the Family bringing five centers providing a high level, qualitative educational offering to every child through their unique, modern EYFS curriculum. In 2019, the Family decided to welcome the Seashells Nursery, a nursery with an excellent reputation within its community. Bright Kids Nurseries in Abu Dhabi were the latest addition to this beautiful adventure in 2021 and the Babilou Family now has more than 400 experts across the UAE, who strive every day to provide the optimum environment where every child can grow and make a positive impact on tomorrow's world. 


Today the Babilou Family strictly respects both global and local Covid-19 regulations. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Babilou Family never stopped supporting families and children and, in this context, following the lockdown and closure of nurseries, we immediately launched our own Blossom e-learning unit and a new brand ‘Inspire Me at Home’ offering. ‘Inspire Me at Home’ perfectly answered the needs of families who were looking to recreate a nursery experience in their own home, with the support of one of our qualified and experienced EYFS experts. 


With its two brands - Blossom Nursery  and Inspire Me, the Babilou Family has become an expert reference and trusted partner for our families across the UAE.


Discover now how we are striving across the globe to make a positive impact on our today and tomorrow world with our Babilou Family Impact Report 2022 - Impact Report 2022

Our Experts In Early Years

Blossom is, above all, the story of passionate, committed, positive experts in Early Years education, who strive every day to provide the best environment and tools for every child to become who they want to become. Our early years’ expertise helps us understand the individual nature of a child and their developmental needs. Our team is committed to pursuing knowledge; they are continually researching and learning to implement global best practices and this, along with us being part of  the Babilou family, allows us to deliver the best programs that  your child’s growth.

Our expert team consists of people from all over the world and embodies a wonderful diversity of cultures and languages, while being driven by the Arabic traditions. All our teachers and assistants, our nurses and our center management teams have years of experiences in their various fields, including nurseries, pre-schools, kindergartens, the medical field or even hospitality.

Every day everyone in our team strives to create the perfect environment to inspire the future generations and become active architects of tomorrow’s world. 

Our Values

Passion, Empathy and Humility.
We love, we live and breathe Early Years. 
We respect, we listen, we acknowledge everyone’s emotions, from the little ones through signs to our partners with conversation and body language. 
We celebrate everyone unique personality and background, we learn from each others and every day we enrich and create a diverse Family.  

Excellence, Quality and Innovation.
Every day we strive for a better version of ourselves: while we follow strictly high standards of quality in all our nurseries, we always challenge the status quo and reinvent ourselves, to fully be in the present and create the future: an environment of inspirational and endless learnings.

People, Prosperity and Planet.
We believe in everyone’s talents and every new journey starts with them, their story, their own passion and what they would like to become. This makes our family so unique: the human is at the center of everything we do. 
We inspire, we elevate, we grow all together to act positively on our environment and tomorrow world. 

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