Embracing Childhood: A Look Inside Our Nurturing Environment

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Blossom Downtown 'part of Al Manzil Community' located in the middle of Downtown, close to Dubai Mall and Al Manzil Hotel. Can be easily accessed by walking through the residential area of Yansoon 7 or by car using the parking area located underneath the Mezza House basement parking. Surrounded by a lovely serene setting full of greenery, trees and birds chirping. Blossom Downtown is loved by our children for endless explorations and discoveries. While their classroom setting is changing every 2 weeks, keeping a very natural and quiet atmosphere allowing them to focus better, our outdoor garden offers them opportunities to climb, jump, use our bicycles, play with sand or water. They also feel supported by our Early Years Experts who guide them every day and make their learning journey unique and tailor made while growing amongst their friends in a stimulating environment.

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