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Written By : Claire Postlewaight
Show and tell activities for children

Childcare method - Which educational offering will suit your child best?

If you are about to place your child in a nursery, daycare center or kindergarten but don't know what criteria to base your choice on, we are here to enlighten you.
Choosing an appropriate program for a child’s age and needs is crucial when selecting the most suitable educational offering. Blossom Nurseries follows a unique and advanced approach, based on child-led learning while ensuring the children still meet the educational outcomes set by the British curriculum. 

The EYFS gives a clear structure for educators to adhere to, however, the Reggio Emilia method also plays an important role in our education offering too. Reggio Emilia encourages the children to have control over how the teacher plans ensuring everything they do is based around aspects they are interested in. Therefore, role play, painting, and exploration play a big part in the children’s day to help the children express themselves creatively. Nature is also seen as a 3rd teacher and therefore we always invite nature into our classrooms. You will see various natural resources from forests, the desert, and the beaches for the children to play with and learn from. 
At Blossom, we also always embrace innovations and we are strongly inspired by neuroscience research. Therefore, we decided to enhance our approach at our Al Barsha 3 branch. The foundation remains the British curriculum, however, intertwined with a progressive approach that includes exploring zoology, chemistry, coding, and astronomy to name a few.  Children are encouraged to become more independent, responsible and gain general life skills. 
At Blossom, we always seek to encourage active and curious learners to embrace Diversity, Inclusion, Kindness, and Innovations and to positively impact our Planet. 

Blossom’s caring approach to education that respects and appreciates that every child is unique.

During early childhood and before entering elementary school, your child must be exposed to many learning opportunities and experiences. The experience gained during the first 5 years of a child's existence will serve as a foundation for the rest of his/her life. At Blossom Nurseries, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), this is the British education method that has been specifically tailored for children from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS program has clear and established outcomes that are based on the different age ranges of our young residents. An infant will not only require a lot of personal care and attention, but also exposure to language and communication and sensory exploration activities hence why our baby room teachers focus on story times, music, movement, and sensory experiences. Each age group participates in activities and exercises that are age-appropriate to support them in their development. 

Blossom teachers ensure they plan a wide range of activities that serve the children’s cognitive and motor development. The areas of learning covered by our programs range from language to math to managing emotions, self-care, and general life skills. 

Blossom's goal - Each child will have a personal experience that will provide them with the best foundation for their future adventures!

The British EYFS program offers high standards and is respected worldwide for its clear and structured curriculum. It has been created with the aim that each child will complete nursery school and be prepared for the formal education given in schools. They will not only be academically ready but they will be resilient and emotionally equipped for their next journey. Thanks to this progressive program, children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and above all, to explore their own ideas and initiative.

Babilou Family Centers, including Blossom Nurseries, are world-renowned childcare providers, because of the quality of their professional and qualified teams. Blossom invests in providing the staff with the most beneficial training and ensures the settings are equipped with natural resources to support the teachers' planning and children’s learning experiences. The branches offer a healthy and stimulating environment that supports the constant development of each child. The facilities are open and bright and are consistently maintained. We are proud of the positive feedback from parents regarding the skills their children have acquired during their time in our childcare facilities.


Writer's Bio

Claire Postlewaight
Centre Director

Being Center Manager at Blossom Al Manara nursery, Claire strives every day to recreate a safe and cosy environment for the children and parents in a very homely and green villa. With more than 10 years’ experience in early years education, Claire originally started as a teacher, then decided to take more of a managerial and mentor role as deputy manager, then trainer for Professional Development and now Center Manager of Blossom Al Manara. She does lots of research to get inspired to innovate with our teaching methods, always keeping the children's wellbeing at its heart. For Claire: “Being a mother of 3 children has always helped me to relate to parents and understand the support they need. I understand that each child is unique and has their own way of learning. I try my best to really get to know the children myself and I enjoy reading stories with them and getting to know each family that is part of our Blossom Al Manara community”