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After school

In the UAE, a young child's school day generally runs from 8am to 2pm. In the afternoon, the child can go home or do extracurricular activities in clubs. Particularly convenient for working parents, Blossom's child care centers welcome your kids until 5 p.m. and provide them with after school programs.

Blossom's enrichment program for your children's after school activities

Physical and cultural activities are as important to your child's development as the skills they learn in daycare. Once out of the classroom, children want to play and move, and at Blossom, we can provide everything they need. Through partnerships with after school clubs and companies, we are able to offer an enrichment program that has a wide range of activities.
The most active and energetic young students will be able to expend their energy through team and individual sports. Basketball and football will encourage teamwork, athletics and karate will teach children body control, while tennis will improve dexterity. Little geniuses can practice chess and explore the imagination with virtual games. Future great artists will be encouraged to develop their talents through art, such as drama and music.

Keep your child busy during the vacations with Blossom Nursery

At the end of the school year, your child will receive a certificate that summarizes the activity he or she has completed and attests to his or her new experience. Contact your local Blossom Nursery to find out how to get a place for your child in our after school program and the additional fees. In addition to this choice of activities, it is also possible for our young learners to spend the afternoon with their caregivers, getting ahead on their homework and enjoying the facilities of our premises.
The end of the school year does not mean the end of the year, especially for working families. That's why Blossom Nurseries are open all year round and offer activities for your kids during the spring, summer and winter vacations. These summer camps are available to all our blossomites and offer educational and fun themes and activities depending on the season.

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