Child care at Blossom

Written By : Claire Postlewaight
Child care at Blossom

Designed to support each family's needs and to give a peace of mind to working parents, our Blossom nurseries meet the highest quality standards in terms of infrastructure, care, employees, and teaching methods.  

The importance of an established curriculum in nursery

At Blossom Nursery, children learn something new every day, be it about themselves or the world around them. Our facilities are designed to present the children with many resources and opportunities to learn and our educators are experts in supporting each child’s learning experience. Registering your children at Blossom Nursery it will firstly enable them to be introduced to other children and teachers to make new relationships and expand their social skills. For new children building trust amongst our team is the utmost priority. At Blossom Nursery, we understand that firstly children need to feel safe and secure, then their learning journey will begin.

The educational program followed at our Nursery is the established EYFS British curriculum and the child care method is based on child-led discovery. We encourage children to be stimulated by their desire and enthusiasm to learn about what interests them. The method employed by our educators and assistants provides young children with a solid foundation by ensuring all areas of development are being attended to allowing them to continuously progress. Firstly the EYFS emphasizes that the 3 prime areas that must be focused on solely, these areas are Personal Social Emotional, Communication and Language, and Physical development.

These areas develop quickly as relationships in the setting are built and the children are exposed to positive experiences. Later the 4 specific areas of the curriculum are introduced, the specific areas cover essential skills and knowledge therefore the educator interprets these into planned activities, circle time, and story time to ensure all 7 areas of development are being covered. Our programs are adapted according to the different stages of education therefore all activities are age-appropriate. Often the children are divided into small groups, this way they can have personalized support from the teacher while still learning to play alongside others. The application of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum allows us to achieve remarkable results and to observe and document each child's progress daily. We always ensure each child leaves with a strong foundation to embark on their next journey, ‘big school.’  

We are more than a Daycare: we are a nursery with High standards of care

Our Blossom childcare centers actively participate in the development and care of children on all levels. Our teachers and assistants are trained in Pediatric First Aid and are therefore able to assist children if needed. A full-time Nurse is always present in each center to monitor the health of the children and she is always on hand to contact parents if a child becomes unwell or needs any assistance throughout the day. Each of our childcare professionals is highly qualified but not only that they are kind and conscientious and have a warm manner to ensure the children feel happy when in their care. Blossom's child care centers are suitably located in Abu Dhabi and in the heart of Dubai's main economic centers. Your child's future second home may be right next door to your home or your office. All of our locations and their contacts are listed on our website. Book a tour to visit your local Blossom Nursery and one of our Team members will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.  

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Writer's Bio

Claire Postlewaight
Centre Director

Being Center Manager at Blossom Al Manara nursery, Claire strives every day to recreate a safe and cosy environment for the children and parents in a very homely and green villa. With more than 10 years’ experience in early years education, Claire originally started as a teacher, then decided to take more of a managerial and mentor role as deputy manager, then trainer for Professional Development and now Center Manager of Blossom Al Manara. She does lots of research to get inspired to innovate with our teaching methods, always keeping the children's wellbeing at its heart. For Claire: “Being a mother of 3 children has always helped me to relate to parents and understand the support they need. I understand that each child is unique and has their own way of learning. I try my best to really get to know the children myself and I enjoy reading stories with them and getting to know each family that is part of our Blossom Al Manara community”