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The Blossom story began in 2009 when a seed was planted from which something magical grew and has today become a beautiful tree with strong roots, many branches, leaves and flowers. However, this is only one side of the company’s story, Blossom is also part of the global childcare network of nurseries belonging to Babilou Family. Babilou Family has its roots based in France, coming into being in 2003, with two brothers opening the first Babilou nursery offering childcare solutions for working parents. By responding to a real need, Babilou nursery quickly became the first private childcare network in France, before spreading beyond the country's borders.

Babilou Family: leader in corporate childcare

Thanks to the quality of its services, and the dedication and passion of over 10,000 employees, the Babilou Family has been able to establish itself in 12 countries by setting up nearly 700 nurseries, providing an early years environment for over 20,000 children daily and preparing them for big school. 

Among them is Blossom Nursery with 27 locations, spread between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The U.A.E. is a cultural hub, attracting families not only locally but from across the world; relocating, and the process of moving and finding quality child care is a hard decision to make especially when children are so young. That's the reason why we are extending child care as a second home, making sure we embrace cultural variety by hiring expert educators from all nationalities, by always elevating our approach that aims on developing children's holistic growth and by being near you not only by location but also through communication. 

Being part of a community is something we build everyday together with our families. We create connections within our nurseries by allowing flexible movement across centers which are located all over the UAE. We also partner with companies to be part of their unique employer - employee relationship, creating moments all together and also supporting families’ transition to the UAE or to our nurseries. 

Blossom nurseries in the United Arab Emirates

As Babilou nursery in France was founded by a family who themselves faced challenges finding child care solutions, the core of the company resides in its passionate and dedicated teams. Our leaders are mothers and fathers themselves trusting our facilities with their own little owns.  The Blossom Nurseries are always thought of with children and family experience at its heart  - from convenient locations to purpose built classrooms. All with the mission of providing children with the best developmental journey possible, integrating sustainable education, holistic learning and enhancing children's natural curiosity. We inspire and equip children to become the leaders of tomorrow, to have a positive impact on the society and planet. 

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