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Written By : Claire Postlewaight
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From letters to numbers to respect for others and the world around them to celebrating cultures and traditions, our Blossom parents are always amazed by the extent of knowledge and mindfulness developed within our centers.

Early childhood, why are the first 5 years so crucial to a child’s development?

It is a well-known fact that the first 5 years of a child’s life are crucial in developing and molding their health, well-being, and overall physical development. A child develops 90% of his/her future adult intelligence by this age and the experiences and environment he or she has been exposed to during these crucial 5 years play a big part in supporting this. These young years are not only the key to securing a child’s knowledge but also resilience, emotional intelligence, and social skills. Throughout a child’s early years with Blossom, the children learn language skills and comprehension that will help him/her to interact with others and express feelings clearly. The children will make new discoveries through hands-on learning and experiments to expand his/her general understanding of the world. This is why we truly understand that a valuable education will provide each child with the beneficial skills that will support them throughout his or her life.

Blossom Nursery invites children to learn about the world by engaging in activities predominantly in English, but also in French, and Arabic. Our immersion language program is a valued addition to our program as it provides children with exposure to three of the most popular languages spoken around the world. Blossom promotes languages to prepare children for the big school where they continue to learn a variety of dialects. 

Blossom's pedagogical approach 

Blossom educators are as passionate as the parents about the development of the children. Blossom's progressive teaching approach is built on the best and most renowned educational practices that place the child at the heart of everything. 

Our team of teachers possesses all the necessary resources to stimulate and support all areas of learning. Through different exploration experiences, we seek to ignite curiosity, creativity, and imagination in our young residents. As early childcare providers, Blossom professionals understand that young children develop at their own pace and strive to make each child’s experience a personal one. 

Blossom ensures strict policies are in place to guarantee consistency and clear guidelines to their staff and to the parents. Childcare expert, Blossom Nursery puts the health and safety of the children first to reassure families that their child is in the best care possible. 

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Writer's Bio

Claire Postlewaight
Centre Director

Being Center Manager at Blossom Al Manara nursery, Claire strives every day to recreate a safe and cosy environment for the children and parents in a very homely and green villa. With more than 10 years’ experience in early years education, Claire originally started as a teacher, then decided to take more of a managerial and mentor role as deputy manager, then trainer for Professional Development and now Center Manager of Blossom Al Manara. She does lots of research to get inspired to innovate with our teaching methods, always keeping the children's wellbeing at its heart. For Claire: “Being a mother of 3 children has always helped me to relate to parents and understand the support they need. I understand that each child is unique and has their own way of learning. I try my best to really get to know the children myself and I enjoy reading stories with them and getting to know each family that is part of our Blossom Al Manara community”