Your child's place and journey in daycare at a Blossom nursery

Written By : Deborah Newman
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Place in daycare

All Blossom nurseries, or daycare centers, follow the British EYFS  curriculum, delivered in purpose-built, equipped and safe environments. Your child will be exposed to varied daily activities, covering all areas of development and learning, with opportunities to learn about themselves and the world around them. 

The education programs at Blossom support preschool-age children in developing academic and life skills and prepare them for a smooth transition to big school.  The curriculum is based on child-led discovery, that aims to foster each child’s interest and enthusiasm for the activities appropriate to the different stages of their education and development. The methods employed by our specialist, highly qualified educators give young children a solid foundation in language, literacy, numeracy, physical social and emotional skills and cover all areas of their holistic development. 

Attentive and personalized care for all ages and needs of children

The staff at Blossom are committed to every child's well-being. Our teachers know how to reassure and care for your toddler by supporting him/her in a calm, supportive environment that will remind them of home. Blossom also supports parents and families by offering their children the highest quality preschool education in their purpose-built premises and classrooms, with flexible schedules and timings to support working parents.  When your child attends Blossom, you become part of our family.

Blossom nurseries are fully inclusive and culturally sensitive.  Whilst the main teaching is in English, they offer French and Arabic programs to children of every age and ability.  Through our supportive approach, and carefully planned activities, Blossom children discover the world a little more each day and have all the opportunities they need to maximize their development and ability in all areas.

Our locations

Booking a place in a nursery or daycare center starts with choosing the right location.  With 27 locations, Blossom Nurseries are conveniently located in most of the main communities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are expanding into Sharjah. 

Book a tour to visit one of our nurseries to check the facilities, meet the team, observe the activities that await your child, and ask any questions you may have about our unique educational approach and how this can benefit your child.


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Writer's Bio

Deborah Newman

<p>Deborah is an experienced education sector manager with experience in both the UK and the UAE. Deborah has worked at a senior level in Early Years Education in the UAE for 9 years, with 7 of these with Blossom having been Center Director at 3 Blossom centers. Deborah is CACHE5 qualified and also a qualified teacher of English as a second language, in addition to having other management and project management qualifications. Deborah is now working as part of the Blossom Head Office team, initially as the Head of Home Learning during and immediately after the Covid pandemic, and now as the Head of Communications.</p> <p>Deborah is passionate about early years education, recognizing the significant development benefits to a child of a quality early years education during the first five years of life, and the lifelong benefits of this. In her personal life, Deborah is the mother of three grown up children who all live in the UK and in her free time enjoys travel, especially involving trekking.</p>