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Blossom Nursery part of the Babilou Group, a nursery that supports parenting in companies

Factors such as a lack of places in nurseries, availability of nannies or child care settings that are too far from the workplace, making them difficult to access, all add to the stress of working parents and can prevent employees from being fully effective in their professional lives. The first Babilou Nursery Center was created precisely to address these issues, to make life easier for working parents, and to improve their work-life balance, whilst satisfying company management. 

Despite the many childcare offerings in the UAE, parenting in companies still presents several challenges. Babilou's global growth has enabled the group, branded as  Blossom in the UAE, to enter into successful corporate and government partnerships. These collaborations give our childcare centers the ability to offer a positive solution for both employers and employees, in terms of in-house, company-based, quality childcare solutions, which are a valuable company benefit and resource.

A childcare solution that benefits both parents and employers 

If the policies of large companies and businesses are based on efficiency and performance, their governance also involves the establishment of a healthy work environment, which will improve the performance of employees. Many employees are working parents or mothers, but whilst at work their minds are often occupied with the well-being of their children. To ease these stresses, and allow them to plan and focus on what matters at work, Blossom can offer convenient and flexible childcare solutions and services at various levels, both during term time and school holidays.   For companies, being recognized as a supportive, family-friendly employer can help with the recruitment and retention of key staff.  

Childcare is a significant investment and can impact a family's finances. Companies that partner with Blossom Nurseries offer their teams the choice of a quality childcare solution while benefiting from a preferential rate. Once the financial burden is removed, all that remains is to ensure the terms of the care, and educational content, meet parents’ needs, which is something Blossom takes very seriously. 

Technology is a huge benefit to working parents and through the launch of our LittleLives platform, which is an app for parents' smartphones that they can access at any time and check how their child is, and what he or she is doing.  Parents are also encouraged to use the message option on the app, reassuring them that they can be in touch with their child’s nursery at any time.  Again, this allows parents to concentrate on their work, knowing that their child is safe and enjoying himself in the nursery, and improves their overall level of experience.

Contact Blossom now to discover how a corporate partnership, built and developed based on your company’s key requirements, could benefit your company and your employees.


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