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Written By : Claire Postlewaight
Blossom Teacher with Children

Nursery Assistants - Junior Educators

Blossom Nursery, a lead childcare provider, recruits and trains nursery assistants from junior to senior level. Our Junior Educators come from a variety of countries and are all required to hold an attested certification from an educational institute where they have studied. Not only that but it is essential that they provide a reference letter from a company they have worked in that is within the early years education field. 

Experienced and professional assistants are valuable and essential in childcare settings. 

The high quality of our staff reassures the parents of our young children. It is essential for the well-being of the children and the peace of mind of the parents that our establishments only employ the most competent assistants. For a position as a teacher and/or teacher's assistant, for example, we require a minimum of 2 years experience in the education industry. 

At Blossom Nurseries, we strive to create a pleasant environment that stimulates children's development. A Blossom Nursery Educator performs caregiving tasks for our young residents, supervises their cognitive and motor development, and supports them in all areas of learning to ensure they are prepared for their future endeavors, not only at primary school but also in their adult lives. Our assistants understand they play key roles in the children’s time spent at our establishments. They work hard to form caring relationships with each child and they also take the time to talk to parents to understand their requests and to update them regularly.

Blossom guidance for the children and also for their supervisors

Our nurseries meet the highest standards of education, thanks to our professional and hard-working employees. The staff's roles are defined and clear to promote consistency, and training in the company's strict policies and procedures plays a crucial part in the induction process. 

A fluent level of English is required to teach in our centers. Anyone wishing to apply for a position at Blossom must present an attested certificate or diploma proving their qualifications and skills for the position. A recommendation letter is also a must to be employed by Blossom Nursery to ensure the best practice and care is given to the children in our care. 

The vast daycare network of Blossom centers is regularly enriched with new workers. Our career opportunities are open to ladies who are already qualified or are in the process of completing their qualifications but wish to gain experience while working alongside our knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff. There are many opportunities for ladies who have a passion for early childhood and have the required documents to ensure they are the best fit for the role they apply for. The available jobs are regularly updated on our website and can be found in the Career section.

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Writer's Bio

Claire Postlewaight
Centre Director

Being Center Manager at Blossom Al Manara nursery, Claire strives every day to recreate a safe and cosy environment for the children and parents in a very homely and green villa. With more than 10 years’ experience in early years education, Claire originally started as a teacher, then decided to take more of a managerial and mentor role as deputy manager, then trainer for Professional Development and now Center Manager of Blossom Al Manara. She does lots of research to get inspired to innovate with our teaching methods, always keeping the children's wellbeing at its heart. For Claire: “Being a mother of 3 children has always helped me to relate to parents and understand the support they need. I understand that each child is unique and has their own way of learning. I try my best to really get to know the children myself and I enjoy reading stories with them and getting to know each family that is part of our Blossom Al Manara community”