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Research clearly shows that early years’ education has a significant and positive impact on a child's development, their educational level when starting school, and their adult achievements and life outcomes. The opportunities it provides will serve them throughout their lives. We also know that experiences during the first 5 years of life stimulate children's brains and result in the development of more neural connections.

It is therefore important to look at the best  early years options for your child.                   

Understanding the difference between a daycare, kindergarten and nursery

Parents may think that the terms nursery, kindergarten and daycare are interchangeable.  However, these options are not the same and it is important to understand the difference. You can compare the different options by applying filters, such as age range, hours of operation, curriculum, academic standards and level of education provided. Parents should consider all this information to decide which one best suits their lifestyle and meets the factors on which they have based their plans for their child's future education.

  • A daycare center simply takes care of children and keeps them busy during the parents' work day. The children's experience is more about fun and playing, rather than learning or education.  Staff in daycare centers are often unqualified nannies or babysitters rather than qualified teachers.
  • A nursery provides an early years’ education for children from birth to the age of 5 years, which are the crucial years in a child’s development. A nursery education will offer activities based on a recognized early years’ curriculum.  This will cover all the essential areas of development, and the skills needed before a child goes to school, and maximizes each child’s development. Nursery education is provided by qualified teachers, who will use tried and tested resources and activities to deliver a hands on learning experience for children.  Nurseries also carry out child assessments to monitor student progress. 
  • A Kindergarten usually takes children from the age of 5, to prepare them for first grade. Teachers focus on essential academic lessons such as math and literacy. This can be of benefit to children who have not attended any type of educational before the age of 5.     

What Blossom Nursery offers your child

The educational programs at Blossom are based on child-led discovery. The methods employed by our educators give young children a solid foundation in language (including Arabic), literacy, math and numbers, science, physical development and social and emotional skills, therefore covering all areas of their holistic development. Our modern Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum also incorporates key aspects of other early years’ curricula, and latest neuroscience research.  This allows us to give every child the best possible development opportunities and to observe each child's progress on a daily basis, maximizing their development and preparing them fully for their move to a big school.    
All our locations and their contact details are listed on our website, where you can also Book a tour to visit your local Blossom nursery and find out how to register your child in one of our facilities. 


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