The importance of high quality child care & child care providers

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Child care at Blossom

Blossom is a world leader in early years’ education and child care.  Designed to take the burden off working parents and families, Blossom Nurseries meets the highest quality standards in terms of curriculum, early years’ education, professional employees, and teaching methods.

The importance of a good nursery 

Your child should be exposed to multiple activities, covering all areas of development and learning every day, with opportunities to learn both about himself and the world around him. By attending Blossom Nursery your child will have access to our specialist early child care and education programs that are tailored to maximize his/her development in every area and is also a great way to allow them to mix with other children, develop their social and emotional skills, and provide them with the resources they need to develop to their full potential. 

The education programs at Blossom are based on child-led discovery in a purpose-built, well-equipped, and safe environment.  Blossom aims to foster each child’s interest and enthusiasm for the activities appropriate to the different stages of their education and development. The methods employed by our specialist, highly qualified educators give young children a solid foundation in language, literacy, numeracy, physical social, and emotional skills and cover all areas of their holistic development. The Blossom programs are adapted according to age, and children are grouped accordingly so that they receive personalized support from the teachers. Our modern Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum also incorporates key aspects of other types of early years curricula and the latest neuroscience research.  This allows us to give every child the best possible development opportunities and to observe each child's progress daily, maximizing their development and preparing them fully for their move to big school.    

Blossom: your child's second home

Blossom is much more than child care, we are nurseries offering the highest standards of early years care and education. We understand that young children need to feel safe and secure so we strive to ensure their nursery is their second home and that all their needs are met. All our staff are fully trained in pediatric first aid and therefore able to assist children in case of need. Nurses also monitor the health of our Blossomites and keep parents informed of any issues. 

Blossom's nurseries are ideally located in many local areas and communities across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer different attendance patterns and plans, meaning there should be an option that suits every family. Your child's future second home may be right next door to your office or home. All our locations and their contact details are listed on our website, where you can also Book a tour to visit your local Blossom nursery and find out how to register your child in one of our facilities.


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