Eco-responsible actions in Babilou crèche: discover the testimony of Sandrine, Childcare Auxiliary!

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At Babilou, we are committed daily to a more sustainable world . Because we are convinced that the preservation of the planet requires the education of future generations, we are committed to educating toddlers in eco-responsible actions from an early age.

At the Babilou Ecully Debussy crèche , professionals offer fun activities to educate toddlers about nature . Sandrine, Childcare Assistant in the establishment tells us about the actions implemented!

How is your sensitivity to environmental issues articulated in your daily and professional life?  

Born in the countryside, I spent a lot of time outdoors and so I was made aware very early on about environmental issues and environmental protection .

I wanted to pass this on to my children. For me, it's important that they can grow up in a healthy environment. I therefore introduced them to simple everyday actions such as recycling , sorting waste or respecting animals.

So that they can discover nature and have fun outdoors, I wanted to share my experience with the children of the Babilou Ecully Debussy nursery . I therefore regularly offer workshops related to nature and I also promote the use and recovery of raw materials (clay, sand, earth etc.). Within the establishment we also have stick insects, a snail farm and a large garden accessible to children.

What green actions do you put in place within the nursery?

I recycle and I promote the use of everyday salvage objects as much as possible . We also buy part of the educational material from an association that collects material that certain factories or professionals no longer use. It has an infinite choice of materials that allows us to offer children workshops rich in exploration! Recently, we have set up sorting bins and we also use organic products (milk, cleaning products, etc.).

Is there a project that you are particularly proud of?

I worked in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste, former educator of young children at the Babilou Ecully Debussy nursery, on a garden development project. We were lucky enough to win the Babilou educational grant which enabled us to set up our project.

We wanted the children to find interest and pleasure in spending time outdoors . Today, when we observe the children in the garden, it is a real pleasure! They invest it very often and they regularly ask to go outside even in rainy weather. It is a beautiful project of which I am proud.

How are your professional nursery practices impacted by the nature education project?

Since I have been at Babilou, I have discovered the Reggio Emilia approach which values the child's environment as the main element of their development and learning. This allowed me to work differently, in a more concrete and regular way with the environment.

Thank you to Sandrine and to all the professionals at the Babilou Ecully Debussy crèche for their commitments in favor of a more responsible world!

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