The Circus Adventure: Preschool Summer Camp

Welcome to the Circus Adventure at Blossom Nursery's Summer Camp! 

Join us as our young learners embark on a thrilling circus adventure, where they will not only engage in exciting circus activities but also gain valuable insights into animal safety protocols, the fascinating exploration of animal habitats, and rescue missions. Enrol your child at Blossom Nursery’s Summer Camp today for an unforgettable educational experience! 

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Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

Summer Camp Outcomes and Benefits:

Expanded Knowledge and Awareness

Through engaging activities and immersive experiences focused on animal habitats and rescue, children gain a deeper understanding of environmental conservation, and exposure to circus traditions from around the world broadens children's cultural awareness and appreciation. 

Enhanced Creativity

Our camp encourages creative thinking and expression, empowering children to think outside the box, unleash their imagination, and create innovative solutions to challenges.

Critical Thinking Skills

Circus activities present opportunities for children to think creatively and solve problems in novel ways. Our campers will sharpen their critical thinking abilities by analyzing information, making connections, and learning how to develop a well-rounded perspective. 

Confidence and Independence

Our supportive environment fosters a sense of confidence and independence in your child as they overcome obstacles, take risks, and learn to trust their abilities.

Social and Communication Skills

Interacting with peers, collaborating on projects, and engaging in group activities will enhance your child's social, emotional and communication skills, helping them build friendships and navigate diverse environments.

Resilience and Adaptability

Through numerous activities and experiences, children will learn to adapt to new situations, embrace challenges, and develop resilience.  These are all crucial life skills that will serve them well in the future. 

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Age Group & Timings

Join the Circus Adventure: 

Dates: 1st July - 23rd August 2024 

Ages: 45 days - 6 years (Dubai), 45 days - 5 years (Abu Dhabi) 

Timings: Our camp offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. You can choose from the following options: 

2 days per week/3 days per week/5 days per week 

Operating Hours: 

Our camp is open from 8am to: 

2pm: Suitable for parents who prefer a half-day program. 

4pm: Ideal for those who need a little extra time in the afternoon. 

5pm: Great for families seeking a longer camp day. 

6pm (Dubai only): Perfect for working parents who require extended hours. 

Enroll your child in Blossom Nursery’s Summer Camp today and give them the gift of an unforgettable circus adventure that blends fun, learning, and growth.  

Call us on 8006877379 to learn more, or visit your nearest Blossom Nursery to register. 

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