How to organize the spaces of your home in confinement to promote the autonomy of your child?

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Keeping your children occupied in a confined space during uncertain time can quickly get complicated. How to allow your child to be independent while you read, work or eat? Discover our tips for giving your children great autonomy as soon as they wake up.

Organize spaces into 5 play areas to promote your child's autonomy

Motor pole

Children need to climb, jump, crawl, use their bodies to relieve tension and test their motor skills .

You can :

  • Stick a strip of scotch tape on the ground as a path. This will promote concentration, movement and balance.
  • Use a square tile in your room and have him jump inside for 30 seconds. The jump promotes emotional discharge, it is a real vent for toddlers. And vary the pleasures: on both feet, on one foot ...
  • Create a hopscotch on the scotch floor
  • Create a course with chair and sofa that he can do standing, on all fours, backwards ...

Construction department

Children need to build, deconstruct, redo, master ... For this, Lego, Kapla, Duplo, fitting games are welcome.

You can install them on the ground on a small blanket (easier to store later).

Cocooning division

Children need to recharge their batteries, to relax. Install various books, cushions, a music station and headphones near your sofa ... This space will be a good place to read books on your own or have a book read by an adult or the big brother, listen to nursery rhymes or stories...

You can also create a space hidden under the kitchen or dining room table, closed with a sheet. Your kids will love this secret hideaway and it will take longer to concentrate.

Imitation pole

Children need to pretend, to relive times of the day or days before. It is by imitating that they learn .

Car, garage, dinette, doll, farm, animals, doctor's case, crafts ... All this material will be ideal for this space.

And why not install a costume trunk with mom's shoes, a handbag, a daddy's hat, a large T-shirt ... These elements will encourage her imagination.

Handling, trace, graphics department

Place on a table, at the child's height, pencils, sheets, scissors, glue ... to create, invent, trace, express yourself.

Your child, too, needs to leave a trace of these days of confinement.

How to organize these spaces?

Arrange these play poles in your living room, making your child want and arousing their curiosity.

Prefer 1 element in each pole so as not to load the space and to renew the poles as soon as you start to feel tiredness in your child. Think from time to time to put the spaces in order to revive your child in his game.

As a parent, how to position yourself in these spaces?

  • Let your child move from pole to pole, freely, in complete autonomy
  • If you wish, you can put safety rules and rules of life on each pole
  • Even if he is playing alone, your child is going to need to see you and feel your presence, try to position yourself in a place where he can see you.
  • And finally, take the opportunity to do what you want: read a book, handle emails, work, cook ... you will see, little by little your child will play on his own.

Confinement means accepting that your home is also a play area for your children: the more they discover for themselves, the more they will be an actor, the more they will develop their autonomy.

You simply have to guide it by the notion of benchmark in time and benchmark in space. The game does the rest.

It's your turn !

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