Future graduate: come join the Babilou adventure!

At Babilou, we are committed to welcoming nursery professionals in the same way we welcome children and their families.

The Babilou educational mission: the foundation of our nursery practices

Our Educational Mission drives our daily work and guides us in our proposals to the child.

I have confidence in myself

In our nurseries, we seek to promote the well-being, physical and emotional ease, autonomy and self-esteem of each person welcomed. The child is thus free to take risks without putting himself in danger. He acts on his own, enjoying all the physical and emotional security he needs and thus gains self-confidence  !

I am learning every moment 

We encourage the acquisition of a rich and varied language as well as the development of all forms of intelligence in the child . The provision of books and various language supports encourages the child's conversation , ensures the harmonious development of his language, enriches his vocabulary and his natural curiosity! The little ones accommodated in Babilou crèches are therefore free to learn at any time .

I take my place in the world 

Taking your place in the world means being in touch with nature , a major issue for the future of the planet ! Within our structures, plants do not only stay in the garden and can also be invited into indoor spaces! By promoting contact with nature, the wonder when a plant grows, our professionals bring nature into the nursery . Nature becomes an obvious element of learning, astonishment and life for the child who will realize the need to protect it .

The educational mission: also for nursery professionals!

In our establishments, professionals benefit from the same quality and the same attention that we pay to children and families. This is called the symmetry of attentions .

Joining Babilou means benefiting from the largest network of nurseries in France with 400 establishments spread throughout the country, and therefore the possibility of finding a position near you.

Educational training, VAE , support for development in assistant or managerial positions ... With us, you can also gain access to another diploma and / or progress to a managerial position  ! 

By integrating Babilou, you can communicate with all employees via Workplace , the Facebook of companies . Joining us is therefore choosing an environment where life is good.

Karen, Educator of young children tells us about her experience in Babilou nursery

What struck you the most when you arrived at Babilou?

“The support that I had as an intern during my first integration at Babilou as well as the values ​​of the group which correspond to me. "

What do you think is important to work in a nursery?

“Adaptability, knowing how to question one's practices and knowing how to work in a team! »

Can you tell us about a project that you have set up?

“We set up a project called“ around the world ”which highlighted the different origins of children in crèche. Twice a month we spent a week around one or two countries to introduce children to their culture. Then, we invite families to share a moment with the children around activities, stories etc. "

What is your favorite moment in a day at the nursery?

“My favorite moments at the nursery are the times of communication and exchanges with families as well as the times of activities and awakening with the children. They allow me to take individual time with the children and their families. Through these moments, I can share my joie de vivre, my creativity and my daily wonder with them. "

What word do you think most represents Babilou?

“The notion of sharing as well as support for teams, children and families. "

The word of the end?

“Babilou allows us to be ourselves and to be supported and trained. We also have total freedom in our projects and desires within the nursery! "


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