Discover the Petit Pas Become Grand Sièges program!

Guided by our business plan and our HR mission , we want to support our employees in their development and allow them to learn at all times .

For the past 5 years, the “Petit Pas Become Grand” program has been an in-house training course that accompanies our future nursery directors for several months. We were inspired by this to create “Petit Pas Dev Will Grand Sièges”, a program that supports employees from company headquarters to positions within the group or internationally.

The first promotion includes 12 employees who will, for 1 year, commit to developing personally and professionally. Promotion is representative of our professions (employees from sales, finance, HR, digital, manager of nursery directors, etc.) and of all the regions in which we are present.

How it works ?

Getting to know yourself better and knowing how to constantly question yourself in order to change your behavior and that of your team: this is the goal of Petit Pas Dev Will Grand Sièges (PPDG Sièges)!

The PPDG Sièges program is structured around three main areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Simulation workshops
  • Collective work in the service of Babilou's challenges


How do you differentiate a manager from a leader? We are convinced that this requires a good knowledge of oneself, its strengths and its areas of development.

All the participants embark on a 360-degree process in order to become aware of the way in which they are perceived and of their image within the company. They are evaluated anonymously by their peers, their internal clients, their teams and their manager. This approach breaks the codes of classic hierarchical evaluation and promotes continuous improvement. Very positive, it requires a certain form of humility and allows the participant to reflect on his way of acting.

Participants also take a DISC-type personality profile test which gives them all the keys to understanding each other's operating methods and communicating effectively.

HR and employee managers then reflect together on the best way to support each participant on their main strengths and areas of development.

Simulation workshops

We have found that from a certain level of position, "soft skills" become crucial. Thanks to the simulation workshops, employees can develop these skills and thus change their behavior and those of their team.

In order to best support employees in their approach, we have defined the main themes of the simulation workshops  : intra and inter-team collaboration, decision-making in the face of complexity and uncertainty, support for change , public speaking and managerial courage.

Collective work in the service of Babilou's challenges

By making collective promotion work in the service of a strategic issue for the company, we trust them. Participants have carte blanche throughout the course and then make their recommendations by presenting a defense to the Babilou executive committee .

Although they are not experts in the themes on which they work, they bring a fresh perspective, question our practices and their voice counts in our business strategy  !

It is thanks to collective intelligence and confidence that we continue to Grow Together : confidence in each of us thanks to a better awareness of oneself, towards others to develop collaboration and towards life by seeing further. and by being more resilient!

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