Blossom Al Barsha 2 (Seashells)

Our unique Blossom Nursery, located in Al Barsha 2, close to DIA school and Mall of the Emirates makes it easily accessible for you to walk your child to nursery or travel by car on your way to work. Surrounded by residential villas, our nursery, previously known as Seashell's has become a 'home away from home' for many children. Our families, who come from diverse backgrounds, have happily shared experiences with others from around the world during morning coffees in our kitchen. Since its opening in 2006, parents talk about us to their friends and neighbours making our community bigger and stronger being the first well-established nursery in the area. Everyday, our children love being able to connect with all elements of nature: playing in the sand pit, feeling the leaves, tip toeing on the wooden logs or playing hide and seek. Most importantly thanks to our caring and experienced teachers who plan accordingly around the children's individual needs, they are equipped to grow and develop everyday life skills. Blossom Al Barsha 2 displays the story of families who have trusted us as an extension to their family - we love, we care and we cherish each child’s uniqueness.

Centre Director

Maha Eid

Deputy Manager

Gloria Giudici


Seashells Nursery was recommended by one of our closest friends. Our son was only 5 months when we decided to opt for nursery. We were concerned he was too young to be outside of the house for full time. As working parents, the option was full week from 8am to 5pm. We met with the Nursery Manager who took the time to introduce us to the curriculum and also the COVID protocols. Our son feels really comfortable with the staff. Phoebe and Rose are lovely with him and give the attention he needs. The activities are aligned with his age and keeps him busy. The premises are great, bright and clean. He learns so many things that it comforts us that the nursery was the right choice for him. We highly recommend Seashells Nursery, especially for newborns. 

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- Lobster class parent


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