Blossom Dubai Hills

Blossom Dubai Hills is a newly built children's nursery located at the Dubai Hills Estate, UAE, with a spacious outdoor area inspired by nature. Its child-friendly classrooms are purposely built to feel like home with natural lighting overlooking a breathtaking landscape.

Opening in October 2020, Blossom Dubai Hills follows a Modern British (EYFS) Framework, offering an advanced French and Arabic language programme and providing healthy and balanced meals prepared in-house by talented chefs. The nursery welcomes children as young as 8 weeks up to the age of 4 and our team of experts are highly experienced to ensure your child is actively engaged in all types of activities.

For more information on seats reservation and tour bookings, please fill out the form below and wait for a confirmation call from our team. Remember, as per MOE regulations, we are currently not allowed to welcome children during the tours and masks are to be worn at all times.

Centre Director

Corinne Glauser

Deputy Manager

Noha Abdul Latif


I wanted to take the time to write you this email

specifically to thank you for the wonderful experience you are providing to Ayla.

 Ayla is extremely excited to attend nursery every single day , it's almost become a motivational tool that i leverage when i want her to listen to me ????. Her language skills have substantially improved , her eating habits have become so much better (extremely picky eater) and she is napping so nicely at nursery while i previously would have had to drive around for two hours to get her to nap. She absolutely loves Miss Dany and literally runs to Noha every morning. Further, management (Marta and Noha) have been extremely forthcoming in communication and have made me feel extremely confident and secure in letting my daughter attend Blossom especially at such a turbulent time.  


A big big thank you to miss Dany , i think she's the only human ayla prefers over me.


Thank you for taking care of my baby and i'm so happy she is in your hands.  


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- Nour

 Deciding to send Alex back to the nursery during these times was not an easy one. But it only took a few days to put all my fears to rest. Seeing how  happy and excited Alex is to go to the nursery every day and the measures the staff takes to protect, nurture and develop the children is spectacular. I’m lucky to have found Blossom  and happy to call it my son’s second home.

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- Rasha

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