A Day At Blossom

Blossom Grows Young Learners

Blossom children Paper Cuts

A day in the life of a Blossom Baby

Blossom’s baby rooms for children aged 6 months to 22 months use on-demand scheduling to assure that each child’s specific needs are met. Our caring teachers establish a “home-away-from-home” environment for your little one by using gentle, reassuring voices filled with love and trust. We do not force babies to reach milestones like rolling over and sitting up. Instead, we allow them to determine when their bodies are strong enough. Each child is encouraged to be an initiator, explorer and a self-learner. We provide consistency, active participation, freedom to explore and interact with others along with sensitive observation of the child, in order to meet his or her needs.

Older babies are given the opportunity to explore various areas of their development through gross and fine motor activities, art, sensory experiences, circle time, outside time and much more. Developing self-help skills such as using utensils at meals, drinking from a regular cup and learning to communicate their needs are vital to starting children on a path to become an independent learner.

A day in the life of a Blossom Toddler

Our two year olds work on patience, independence, sharing, potty training and building vocabulary. They paint, tear, cut, pound clay and participate in a variety of activities to stimulate constant learning - continuing their journey to become independent learners.

A day in the life of a Blossom Preschooler

The preschool classrooms encourage self-guided play, responsible learning, respect for self and others, character development, as well as increased attention span and motor skills. We focus on prime and specific areas with an introduction to “big school” skills beginning from age four years to 6 years. These are the days where transition skills are encouraged with many activities that drive confidence, curiosity and a love for learning.

Blossom core activities:

Blossom activities are linked to early math and literacy where we make shapes, add and subtract manipulative equipment and sing about what we do. Group cooperation and self-confidence grow as children take risks, find strengths and develop so each grows into a skilled learner and a talented child. We fundamentally believe in the power of positivity and use this daily to make magic in our surroundings.

Reading at Blossom:

Each day every class reads at least 3 engaging items from multiple sources: newspapers, books, dictionaries and more so children hear conversational words, new words and rare words. A child’s book contains 30.9 rare words for every thousand but a newspaper has 68. 3 so we use varied print modules. Come see our Reading Rules! Boards and environmental print throughout Blossom. These are some of the research strategies that distinguish the Blossom Skygarden program as an enriched early years experience.

Special occasions at Blossom

Blossom celebrates many occasions during the academic year and these special days/ weeks are shared with parents through newsletters, calendars, blogs etc. We extend these celebrations within the classrooms through dressing up, participating in arts and crafts activities, performing for the parents with songs and drama and other activities that make the day special. As children celebrate these special occasions they also have fun, learn and develop. Some of the occasions celebrated at Blossom throughout the calendar year are:

Blossom Special Weeks