A seed was planted in 2009 from which magic grew ...

Blossom KidBlossom Education, a series of nurseries and early learning centers based in Dubai, focuses on educating the children of today, the soon to be leaders of tomorrow. As early years educators we are conscious that 50% of a child’s adult intelligence is formed by the age of four. At Blossom, we value children’s early years that lay the foundation for all that is to come. We chose the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum to grow nurseries and early learning centers that teach dynamically with a special focus on the prime and specific areas of learning. We then created our very own sensory based framework called SKYGARDEN, which we implement alongside the EYFS curriculum. After creating our own framework focusing on learning through the senses and blending it with an internationally recognized curriculum, we then implemented our Triple PPP approach in each day of learning.

Founded in 2009 on Triple PPP principles - equally premising people, planet and prosperity Blossom aspires to provide the best early years education underpinned by research and data that assures families that the methods we use are both tried and tested yielding strong results for our young learners.

The Blossom offering was founded by Zahra Hamirani, Esq. - a British mother, lawyer, educator and professional who is passionate about the early years and how what happens in the early days leave strong impacts for the future. Hundreds of nurseries and early education providers were explored to finally provide the Blossom offering. Strong affiliations were build with Cache, NDNA, Montessori groups and professionals.

A team of women who make magic each day is employed to do just that - create wondrous opportunities and make play and learning central. The team is active at education events and in associations working to deliver a first class early years experience that builds both school readiness and experiences that will allow children to gain their confidence, believe in themselves and work to achieve towards their goals.

Blossom Class RoomBlossom understands the importance of the early years and invests heavily in direct to child spend. The Heckman Curve below showcases the results of this - the better the preschool and early years experience the greater the outcome. We constantly benchmark, study and KPI our performance to ensure we build the best offering for our families.

At Blossom, we strive to be leaders in not only the field of early education, but also pioneers in environmental awareness, resource preservation, energy efficiency, waste management, ecosystem conservation and overall sustainable development. These words can be quite a gulp full for our young Blossomites but the ideas are basic - look after the world and it will look after you. Blossom invests a lot of time into researching and finding the perfect frameworks to introduce these key terms and ideas into our children’s learnings to build their Knowledge Destiny.

Children have the freedom to create their own ‘Blossom Knowledge Destiny’ through curiosity, exploration, imagination, experimentation and above all creativity. How did we do this? We nurtured another Blossom philosophy ‘Space Impacts Learning’ (link to this page) which focuses on envisioning, creating and building innovative and magical spaces where children are stimulated. Blossom Space Impacts Learning comes with visual reminders of eco-friendly topics and actions, spaces for gratitude and reflection, learning and exploration. We focus on cultivating and harnessing a culture of awareness and action with the children we care for.

Being green and sustainable is underpinned by the idea that we must also be grateful and happy. An optimistic approach and focus is central and programs such as “Blossom Bucket fillers” based on Tom Rath’s “How Full is your Bucket?” and “Memorable Moments” are showcased throughout our centers. We regularly train and coach using NLP, research from Carol Dweck’s Mindset and leading psychologists, educators, health and medical teams often visit and work with us to pivot the offering and make it better. It is a constant evolution which we are passionate about.Blossom Play time

“Blossom promotes charity, recycling (eco-friendliness) and safety. I highly recommend this nursery to any parent who wants the best for their child”, - Dauvaughn’s mommy, Poppies, Blossom Burj.

Research is showing that cultivating a green and grateful approach with a strong, curated, experience based program yields results. You can read about our Curriculum (link to curriculum page) highlighting ways we do this or check out our A Day At Blossom (link to curriculum page) for more info on how your child can benefit.

Our approach is clear through our company ethos ‘believe, achieve, bECOme,’ as we aim to plant these seeds one mind at a time. Blossom believes that by providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to reach their full potential, the seeds will blossom into conscious and responsible flowers. By providing children the opportunity to create their own knowledge destinies we hope that our precious flowers will pollinate and spread their Blossom-learned traits in their homes, big school and community. This is what we call the Blossom Longtail approach and you will find our hundreds of graduates already making changes in the world around them. From our Blossom history they are now making new stories and impacts as they change the world - one child at a time!