A seed was planted in 2009 from which magic grew.

A Blossom History

Blossom by Babilou Education is a series of nurseries and early learning centers with 10 locations in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi (soon in 2019). We focus on educating the children of today – the soon to be leaders of tomorrow.

As early years educators, we are conscious that 50% of a child’s adult intelligence is formed by the age of four. At Blossom, we value children’s early years that lay the foundation for all that is to come.

Our values: "Together We Grow"

Blossom by Babilou is part of Babilou Group, the largest childcare and early education group in Europe, with 600 nurseries in 15 countries and welcoming more than 50,000 children daily.

At Babilou, five values inspire us daily, internally with our teams, with our partners, towards families and most importantly towards children!

- Kindness
Being attentive to one another, respect each other, treat others fairly, and being supportive of children, parents, our teams, and our partners

- Diversity
Recognizing the variety of cultures and the individual uniqueness of personalities and all that they bring.

- Commitment
Working while being aware that families are entrusting us with what is the most important person in their lives and that our decisions have a major impact on the children and their welfare.

- Team spirit
Believing in each one’s talent, in the collective intelligence and responsibility. Considering that working together is a strength and that everyone can contribute. Being supportive and knowing how to overcome challenges and celebrate achievements in order to grow together.

- Quality
Working everyday to improve the care for our children and their families, the well-being of our teams and the satisfaction of our clients.

We aim to plant these seeds of our ethos, "believe, achieve, bECOme," one mind at a time. Blossom believes that by providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to reach their full potential, the seeds will blossom into conscious and responsible flowers.

Our curriculum

We created an approach to teaching that combines the following core frameworks:

- The British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, an internationally-recognized approach with a special focus on the prime and specific areas of learning

- SKYGARDEN, our very own sensory-based framework

- Our Tripe PPP Principles, a way of teaching and learning that values People, Planet and Prosperity.

We strive to be not only leaders in the field of early education, but also pioneers in environmental awareness, resource preservation, energy efficiency, waste management, ecosystem conservation and overall sustainable development. These words may seem complex for our young Blossomites but the ideas are basic: look after the world and it will look after you.

Building knowledge destinies

Children have the freedom to create their own "Blossom by Babilou Knowledge Destiny" through curiosity, exploration, imagination, experimentation, and above all creativity.

At Blossom by Babilou, we nurture another philosophy called Space Impacts Learning. This focuses on envisioning, creating and building innovative and magical spaces where children are stimulated.

As part of our philosophy, we promote the idea to be grateful and happy. An optimistic approach and focus is central, and we showcase this with programs such as “Blossom Bucket fillers” based on Tom Rath’s “How Full is your Bucket?” and “Memorable Moments.”

Making history

Research is showing that cultivating a green and grateful approach with a strong, curated, experience-based program yields results. You can read about our Curriculum highlighting the ways we do this or check out our A Day At Blossom for more info on how your child can benefit.