Corporate Social Responsibility at Blossom

What is our CSR journey?

Blossom's overall sustainability vision "to plant green seeds, one mind at a time" is achieved through our ethos "believe, achieve, bECOme". Our sustainability vision is embedded within our core business strategies, curriculum and social engagement. We are public in the way we educate the youth & focus on sharing our methods with the community to further encourage innovative learning engagement tools. We believe the best way to educate children is by providing them the opportunity to create their own knowledge destinies through exploration, imagination, creation & above all creativity. Developing our own sensory based approach and linking it to the EYFS curriculum is another way that we ensure our Blossom cooperative has a sustainable future filled with long tails of education and key learning skills. We focus heavily on education through a variety of sustainability areas and integrate recycling & upcycling into daily activities to create a green culture of awareness & action. Blossom's overall mission is 'to create a safe and stimulating environment for each child to reach their full potential'. We achieve this mission through our 'Space Impacts Learning' philosophy.

We believe that children's surrounding environment truly shapes and impacts the way that they learn. By providing engaging stimulus, constant engagement, numerous physical activities like baby yoga, monkeynastics, outdoor water play, swimming lessons, biking, gardening etc., a variety of learning experiences through bi-weekly drumming sessions, music and dance classes, mini chef cooking, languages classes, recycling and upcycling activities and many more we are constantly changing the direct space our children learn in while maintaining the overall stimulating environment. Our sustainable mission is closely tied to our overall mission & delivered through it - to create a green culture of awareness & action through our long-tailing approach & through our community engagement. The Blossom Way is a set of values based on openness & honesty created to achieve sustainable excellence. We implement these values first & foremost in our workforce to ensure they are followed internally & in turn are reflected outward. Through vertical leadership, our values are filtered into our staff who in turn act as Ambassadors. By making our staff ambassadors for each center, we ensure that our values reach our children & families organically. Social media is another tool we use to communicate our values to the public. Our values have a strong focus on environmental awareness, energy reduction, ecosystem conservation, recycling & upcycling; topics frequently discussed among staff in regular green bites meetings, trainings, seminars etc., in the classrooms with our children, with the public via newsletters, flyers, social media & a fully integrated Blog. By constantly engaging with the Blossom stakeholders we have created, we ensure that our values are accepted & implemented.

Blossom Sustainability Report 2015

Read our Sustainability Report 2015,  based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and following the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) 10 Universal Principles, we aim to showcase our best practice for ECO nurseries in Dubai.