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Blossom Summer Camp Week 4 - Roaming in the Jungle

Welcome to the 4th week of Blossom Summer Camp! Based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage, our camp runs from all branches and is adapted to suit the age and ability of all children. During our  Summer adventure we visit different cultures, countries and time periods through the magic which is  a child's imagination. 

Our theme for this week has been "Rain Forest - Roaming in the Jungle." We have been busy and very creative with crafts as we learnt about the different kinds of animals that live in the rain forest, identifying them and understanding their habitats and characteristics. Children have now become more aware of their surrounding environment! 

Children enjoyed imaginative play, moving around like animals that they are familiar with and imitated their sounds. These activities help develop their memory, recall, listening skills, visual recognition and object identification through pictures. Multiple skills where developed this week through Skygarden and learning through the senses. 

We hope to see you next week for our exciting theme "Moment in Time - Discovering Dinosaurs”. For more pictures and videos of our Summer Camp please visit our Summer Camp Gallery.

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