French Week at Blossom Nursery Dubai

Learning a language is much more than learning words or how to have a conversation. It’s also about discovering and understanding the culture and traditions that are associated with the language. Throughoutthe Blossom academicyear, children taking part in our Arabic and/or French programmes are also immersed in learning about different cultures and traditions.

Duringthis term we focused on ‘La Chandeleur’, which is a French tradition. Every February 2nd, French people cook and eat crepes. This day also involves a fun crepeflipping challenge that involved holding a coin in the other hand while flipping. Click here to watch how involved our parents were in this challenge!

Now, we are hosting our annual French Week, which will take us on a journey deep into the French culture. Our amazing French teachers prepared lots of great activities for our children and their parents: crafts, decorations, costume day, food tasting…this will take us toFrance for sure!!!

Learning about cultures is so important for personal, social and emotional development (PSED – EYFS), don’t you agree? So come along and spend some time in the classroomduring French Week 🙂 If you haven’t tasted French food yet, you will definitely have a memorable moment with us!

Dates: March 12th to March 16th

Where: Blossom Marina & Blossom Downtown

Dates: March 19th to March 23rd

Where: Blossom Burj, Blossom Village, Blossom Early Learning Centre

french week 2017


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