What is the supervision rate in the nursery?

In all nurseries in France, private or public, the minimum legal supervision required is as follows:

  • A supervisor for 5 children who cannot walk
  • A supervisor for 8 children who walk

At least two professionals ensure the opening and closing of the structure every day . These regulations ensure the safety of your children.

With our 16 years of experience, we are aware of the capital importance of the quality of the nursery teams, to ensure the well-being of children on a daily basis. We are therefore making every effort to go beyond compliance with these regulations, by reinforcing some of our teams with additional professionals or by bringing in flying employees (internal pool of steering wheels) to maintain the level of quality of reception required. .

In crèche, the teams are multidisciplinary . Each professional is an expert in his field: there is for example the specialist in early childhood and the development of the child (the Educator of Young Children ), the specialist in the care and hygiene of the toddler (l ' Nursery Auxiliary ), the specialist in services for young children (the Auxiliary Early Childhood ), the specialist paramedic appearance (the Nurse ), etc ...

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