How much does my place in a nursery cost me?

Most nurseries are approved by CAF (whether municipal or private).
This means that they apply regulated tariffs, and in return receive financial aid . This tariff, called PSU (Single Service Provision), is applied in multi-reception crèches, family crèches, day-care centers and some micro-crèches.

To calculate the hourly rate for your place in a nursery, simply multiply your net monthly income by your effort rate. Please note, a minimum income set at € 711.62 indicates that if you receive less than this amount you will have to use 711.62 for your calculation. The income limit set at € 5,800 indicates that you will have to use 5,800 for your calculations even if your net monthly income exceeds this amount.

Monthly income: use your monthly income at N-2

Effort rate: it depends on the number of children you have to support.

  • For 1 child: 0.0615%
  • For 2 children: 0.0512% 
  • For 3 children: 0.0410%
  • For 4 to 7 children: 0.0307%
  • For 8 children and more: 0.0205%

The presence in the family of a child with a disability , beneficiary of the education allowance for the disabled child (Aeeh), makes it possible to apply the immediately lower effort rate, even if it is not this child who is received in a crèche. The measure applies as many times as there are dependent children with disabilities in the household.

Do you want to automatically calculate the price of your place in a crèche? Use our cost simulator  ! 

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