How is the adaptation period in the nursery?

As soon as you arrive in the structure, a meeting with the director will allow you to ask all your questions, to visit the nursery and to access all the information on its operation.

You will then be offered an adaptation period , called "familiarization" at Babilou. This is a key period for entering the nursery, which allows your child and also you, as a parent, to feel confident . It is an essential time for you and for the professionals, to get to know each other and create a bond around and with your child.

Depending on your constraints and the way your child reacts, moments to apprehend the separation will be offered to you, before the first big day in nursery. But it is you, the parent, who will decide when.

The duration is variable and agreed with you according to your availability, the needs of your child and those of the professionals.

Discover the period of adaptation in Babilou crèche:

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