“one language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every doors along the way”

Nadege Tourniaire

Languages Director at Blossom Education

“One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every doors along the way”, Franck Smith.
I have the privilege to represent the Languages Department at Blossom since nine years. As probably any expat in the world, subjects related to mother tongue and foreign languages are very important to me.

Dubai was my first experience as an expat and I always really enjoyed being surrounding by such a huge diversity of cultures and languages. I also really liked the fact that children were learning the language of their hosting country or other languages like French or Spanish at a very early age.

The Educational Quality Assurance and Regulatory Authority of the government of Dubai (KHDA) reserves a special place to languages around schools, especially Arabic. With a strong English speaking development, the government is conscious about having to work hard on preserving the Arabic language in the Emirates. Others foreign languages are introduced early in curriculum too, which is really good.

So I am very proud of the fact that Blossom is contributing to the Languages learning and development. We are offering a basic program in every centres or for some of them - Blossom Mudon and Blossom Early Learning Centre - an immersion program in Arabic/English or French/English is available for the children above the age of 24 Months.

Learning languages at a very young age has so much more advantages: learning with a better accent, learning without grammatical concerns...and it shows better results in studies.

When I first started at Blossom, I worked as a French Teacher. Then, after a few more years experience, I became a Language Director. My main function in the company are to insure that an outstanding languages program is delivered in each centre. This includes having qualified and well trained teachers, valuable and age appropriate curriculum and activities, providing resources for the classes, engaging with parents through events and sharing important information to make sure that all parents are engaged in the learning process too.

I have two diplomas in Education internationally recognized, which are Teaching English to Speakers of Others Languages (TESOL) and Teaching French as a Foreign Language (TFL). I also have a master's degree in Law from my previous background.

Working with and for the children’s benefits in lifestyle is such a delight for my team and myself. Children are really starting building a great future at Blossom.
One of my favorite motto at work is coming from Franck Smith and says: “one language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every doors along the way”.