Blossom Knowledge Destiny

Blossom Summer Camp Week 6 - Science Exploration

‘‘Think like a proton, always positive.’’

This week our Blossomites practised their numbers before blasting off into space as part of our Space Exploration theme, they even made their very own rockets using recycled boxes and tin foil.

While in space our Mad Scientists searched for moon rocks, and managed to find the treasures in the dark! Our classrooms became bright new dimensions as the children used paint and marbles to create their own bright and colourful galaxies,

We had so much fun searching for astronauts once we landed on the moon, we counted the stars and talked about how many stars come out during the night time. We decorated our own shiny, twinkling stars to take to space with us.

During gym time, our Blossomites took control of their hula hoops and turned them into space ships as they jiggled around the gym finding their way to outer space!

‘5 little men in a flying saucer, flew around the Earth one day’.

We learnt so many new songs this week, why not practise them at home?

We hope to see you next week for our exciting theme "Fairytale Land - Party in the Swamp”. For more pictures of our Summer Camp please visit our Summer Camp Gallery and to watch our videos by clicking on  Summer Camp videos. To register your child for Summer Camp please click on  register now.