When You Teach A Child Something You Take Away Forever His Chance Of Discovering It For Himself

Message from our Chief Education Officer

“Believe, Achieve, Become” is the motto at Blossom where we have over 200+ amazing women working with us to achieve magic each day.  Our nurseries and early education spaces are filled with delight and opportunities for children to engage in secure and stimulating environments.  Everyday we work to raise the bar - surprise and delight and this is what I am truly passionate about - making space for experience based education that empowers children. 

By profession I am trained as a lawyer with a Juris Doctorate in law from Columbia University in New York City. I am admitted to the NY Bar Association and remain an attorney in good standing. I practiced law for a number of years and continue to teach law at university and often consult on risk preparedness, safeguarding and child protection.  I have taught CACHE education courses and train in various areas of the British curriculum.  With an Honors B.A.  degree (summa cum laude) and over 10+ years working in early years education as well as time working for the United Nations and with children in prisons and low income schools in the United States and Canada I can truly say that I have found the place that I am most happiest and where I see strong outcomes.  

Here in Dubai, I am raising my family and my children have gone through the Blossom experience where I began to explore the benefits of a strong pedagogical approach and curriculum that builds consistency and guidance for practitioners.  Together with a foundation of safety and standards of security that include every staff member having pediatric first aid training, a focus on quality, hiring a qualified and optimistic team that together works for success I feel that we are truly working in a culture of collaboration and creativity which keeps me smiling and focused.  Research has shown that the first five years of children's lives are very significant for brain development and investment in direct to child programs will yield greater success and impact than the same spent later in life.  I am driven to provide exceptional care standards and work to build strong operational process to mitigate risk, provide strong curriculum, train teams that are engaging and build spaces that impact learning.  I enjoy my work and wake up each day ready to learn and do something new.  For me seeing children with this sparkle and energy fuels my passion to be better. Trust is a big factor in the early years and we strive to provide care second only to mum!  

While Blossom began our journey in 2009 with a small belief – we are consistent in working to achieve better and believe that together we can become all we wish to be.  Looking forward to welcoming you to a pathway of learning that is filled with wonder and excitement and an education partnership that will be the foundation for a flourishing and blossoming future.  

Zahra Hamirani, Esq

Blossom Ceo –  Zahra Hamirani, Esq
Blossom Ceo –  Zahra Hamirani, Esq