“LEARNING is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” – Chinese Proverb

“When your heart is in your DREAM, no request is too extreme.” – Jiminy Cricket

Creating Pathways to Learning

At Blossom, we are committed to providing a learning space that is both secure and stimulating. It is age appropriate and designed to accommodate our “emergent curriculum” approach. This means children should be exposed to many experiences and objects to get their creative juices flowing. As such, our space is secure, empowering and accessible for children to enable them to explore.

The organization of the physical environment is crucial to the Blossom early childhood program, and is often referred to as the child’s “third teacher.” In designing Blossom we have worked to integrate each classroom with the rest of the school, and have incorporated freeflow and gyms, language and computer stations and more. Natural light has been maximized and our classrooms often open to a center piazza or community learning zones. Mirrors, photographs and children’s work characterise interiors. In each case, the environment informs and engages the viewer and we work to constantly renew our spaces with new and inspirational materials and messages.

Age Appropriate Learning Zones

A Blossom centre has at least three separate zones, each custom designed to meet the specific development needs of the children. The baby section has three classes focusing on children aged 6 months to 22 months; the toddler section has children aged 22 months to 33 months and the Preschool Section caters to 33 months to 54 months. Children older than 4.5 years can enrol in our Foundation Kindergarten section at the Blossom Dubai Academic City location which is KHDA approved and can take children up until age 6 years preparing them for Year One in either an American, International or British school. Each area has age appropriate shared spaces that encourage children to find roots and comfort in their zones. Children “graduate” to different classes up to twice per year as they are ready to ensure familiarity and minimize child stress.


A Safe Space

Security is a focus and Blossom features include a fingerprint entry system, CCTV of classrooms and indoor and outdoor spaces and play equipment. Our fire system connects directly to emergency services and staff is certified in paediatric first aid and emergency protocol. We do a number of security checks on the site each and every day ensuring the space is ready for our young learners.


What does it mean to be Green?

As role models for our children – we endeavor to do best practice by being environmentally aware and conscious of the impact our actions have on our children, the community and the planet. At Blossom, we think and teach about recycling, composting, waste reduction and ecosystems through our space and the lessons that can be taught through our daily routines. All of our spaces have been designed to conserve energy, utilize repurposed materials and maximize natural lighting.

We have used child friendly fenomastic paints which are“lead free,” many of our rooms are fitted with antibacterial / antimicrobial padded floors imported from Belgium and are cleaned with a steam process using minimal products. minimising fumes and liquid from disinfectants. Cleaning supplies are carefully selected to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. Pest control and third parties use the least hazardous chemicals at times when children will not be exposed to them. We are working towards cleaning as natural as possible and ensuring our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

Our air conditioners and water tanks are serviced and maintained constantly by 3rd parties ensuring that they are clean and hygienic. We have custom fitted toilets – most of which are child sized to help children become aware of potty training and self-care. Ground level glass windows have “Perspex” casing or are toughened so that in the event of a breakage – glass will not shatter and fly. We are active members of the Emirates Environmental Group and CSR Arabia as well as paid up members of the United Nations Global Compact. Being green is woven in the fabric of a life with Blossom and greenbites lunches, community clean-ups and awareness building are all part of our early education mantra.

To see images of our green spaces, visit our Gallery. You can also check our Pinterest page for ideas on how to bring more green into your life!


A Stimulating Environment

“The environment of the school is seen as the third educator,”after the teacher and the parent. -Susan Lyon, Executive Director of The Innovative Teacher Project, which aims to develop and promote Reggio inspired education.


Customized Classrooms

Classrooms at Blossom are spacious and well equipped with a range of multisensory equipment allowing children to learn through play and activity. There are large exploration stations, studios and ateliers and Blossom makes an effort to have specialist staff “ateliers” who are trained and passionate about languages, dance, drama, music, the environment and languages so that there are a variety of people fluent in the “100 languages of children.”
You can get information about the curriculum, staffing and lesson plans on the Blossom Approach page.


Blossom Jungle Gym

Blossom believes children need to have lots of room to move and groove! That’s why we have created a large custom designed gym and sensory space with climbing and sliding equipment, padded floors and a ball pen for children to explore. Yoga balls, textured spaces and light equipment are all used to allow for lots of learning and adventure.


Outdoor Exploration

Our outside playgrounds always have over 5,000 square feet of shaded fun activity zones. Our silica sandpit “dinosaur dig” allows budding archaeologists to find, architects to build and engineers to design their own play. Children have designated times for field play on safe turf lawn to practice ball skills, play sports, practice yoga, bike, swing or run.

The padded wet pour bike tracks, hopscotch and play equipment are situated on 50 mm bounce tiles that keep bumps and bruises to a minimum. Our paddling pool or wetplay zones are multilevel and have dancing fountains for a sensory splash time so even our youngest babies can enjoy a much needed cool down in Dubai.