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Blossom Registration

Wondering about enrolling your child at nursery but not sure about what to look for? We have developed a set of questions that every parent should be aware of when choosing a nursery. The questions are open-ended and designed to allow you to  interview your choice of centre(s). We have our answers to these and other questions in a parent information binder which can be viewed when you tour our facilities.

Registering your child at Blossom is simple and easy

Download the Registration Form, Medical Questionnaire, Calendar and Fees Schedule here, and fill in your information. Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to us or can also be sent via fax, mail or personally delivered. Once received, the registrar will be in touch with you regarding availability.
Fill in the Online Application Form
Fill in the Online Medical Questionnaire

Blossom_nursery2 Welcome / Expression of Interest
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Blossom_nursery2 Blossom Application
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Blossom_nursery2 Medical Questionnaire
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Blossom_nursery2 Schedule of Fees
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Blossom_nursery2 Blossom Menu
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Blossom_nursery2 Blossom Calendar
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Blossom_nursery2 Choosing the Right Care for your Child
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Blossom_nursery2 Blossom Summer Camp July 10 – August 25 2016
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If you need more information or wish to arrange a tour of our facilities, please email us at



Please note that we publish our forms, fees and calender in the interest of parental access to information. All content, forms and formats are proprietary and content must not be replicated or used by any third parties without express written permission from Blossom.

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